Lycoming County Docket Sheets (2024)

1. Lycoming County > Prothonotary/Clerk of Courts

  • The Public Web Docket Sheets option provides access to search, view, and print the docket sheets for Pennsyvlania's Criminal Courts of Common Pleas. Staff ...

  • Prothonotary/Clerk of Courts

2. Lycoming County Docket Sheets (2024) - Tuffwheelrestoration

  • 22 uur geleden · Statewide Docket Sheets - Search for County Criminal, Appellate or Magistrate Judge cases ... View the resources provided by the Lycoming Law ...

  • 1. Legal Resources - Lycoming Law AssociationLycoming County - The home page of the County of Lycoming. Lycoming ... Statewide Docket Sheets - Search for County Criminal, Appellate or Magistrate Judge cases ...View the resources provided by the Lycoming Law Association. See details › 2. CountySuite...

Lycoming County Docket Sheets (2024) - Tuffwheelrestoration

3. Legal Resources - Lycoming Law Association

  • Lycoming County - The home page of the County of Lycoming. ... Statewide Docket Sheets - Search for County Criminal, Appellate or Magistrate Judge cases ...

  • View the resources provided by the Lycoming Law Association.

4. CountySuite Courts

5. Court of Common Pleas | Luzerne County, PA

  • Court of Common Pleas · Court Calendar · Security Notices · Common Pleas Courts Docket Sheets · Notice of Language Rights · Forms and Related Documents.

  • The Courts are committed to provide dispute and case resolution through legally fair procedures, ensure access to justice for all, promote effective, innovative services, and increase public trust and confidence in the Luzerne County Courts.

6. OOR Decisions (Docket Search) - PA Office of Open Records

  • Use this search tool to locate a Docket and OOR documents related to that Docket. If a Final Determination issued by the OOR has been appealed to the courts ...

  • Docket #:

7. OOR - Docket Search Results - PA Office of Open Records

8. DOCKET SHEET - Environmental Hearing Board

  • ... Lycoming County. 2, 06-05-2015, Notice of appeal. 3, 06-08-2015, PREHEARING ORDER NO. 1: Discovery completed by December 7, 2015; joint statement regarding ...

  • About Us

9. Docket Searches | Montgomery County, PA - Official Website

  • County Courts · Court Administration; Docket Searches. Docket Searches. Criminal Cases. Criminal Bench Warrant (currently unavailable); Domestic Relations Bench ...

  • P.O. Box 311

10. Montour County Court of Common Pleas

  • Search Court of Common Pleas civil and criminal case records online. Search results include basic case information with links to docket sheets and court ...

  • Montour County Court of Common Pleas in Montour County, Pennsylvania Court Online Resources. Directory of online resources applicable to the Montour County Court of Common Pleas in Montour County, Pennsylvania

11. [PDF] in the united states district court - US Case Law

  • Common Pleas of Lycoming County for the offenses of ... 15.) 1See Pennsylvania's Unified Judicial System Webportal, Appellate Docket Sheets, available.

12. Court Dockets | Chester County, PA - Official Website

  • Court Dockets. Court Dockets · District Courts vs. Court of Common Pleas · Court ... County of Chester 313 West Market Street West Chester, PA 19380. Phone ...

  • Contact Us

13. [PDF] January 21, 2017 (Pages 283-410)

  • 6 jan 2018 · docket sheets of the PACMS, CPCMS and MDJS. The procedure has ... ship, Lycoming County has been extended. Southwest Region: Air ...

Lycoming County Docket Sheets (2024)


What is a docket sheet in PA? ›

A docket typically contains information about the parties, attorneys, dates, filings, and outcome in a specific case. Some - but not all - dockets include links to case documents, such as briefs and court opinions.

How to find a docket number in PA? ›

The first step you can do to find your Pennsylvania docket number is to check any copies you have of official documents for your case. You may have a copy of the legal complaint, a subpoena from the court, or a motion. These documents usually have the docket number in the top corner to help with filing.

Is the PAeDocket app free? ›

Finding public court information is easier than ever with the launch of PAeDocket - a free app that provides a quick and simple search of court cases or dockets.

How do I look up a civil case in PA? ›

As is the case for most court records, Pennsylvania civil court records may be accessed by: Using the states online resources such as the UJS web portal. By making in-person requests. Sending requests via mail to the courthouse where the record was generated and is maintained.

What is the purpose of a docket book? ›

Docket books are great for transactions that require copies of business forms – the original for your customer and a copy for your records. If you require more than one copy, we can also produce triplicate and quadruplicate books. Custom docket books are personalised to suit your business needs.

What is a docket document? ›

an official document describing something that is being delivered or transported and giving details of where it is coming from and where it is going to. US. a list of cases to be dealt with in a law court, or an agenda in business.

How to get docket number? ›

The docket number will usually be in one of the upper corners of the first page. Double-check the names to be sure you have the right docket number. A person may be involved in many cases, each with its own case number. Find the docket number by contacting the court clerk where the case is being heard.

Is the case number the same as the docket number? ›

Courts use either the Case number, Citation number or Docket number to reference your ticket. These are all interchangeable and accepted by the courts throughout California.

What is the best free website for public records? ›

All Federal court records are available online at, an electronic public access service that is overseen by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts. This includes all Federal civil court cases, criminal charges, as well as bankruptcies. In all, there are over 500 million documents on PACER.

Is there a docket app for PA? ›

PAeDocket 4+

The app allows mobile users to perform quick and easy searches from their devices for publicly accessible cases from magisterial district courts, common pleas courts and appellate courts. The app provides a basic summary of the case, as well as more detailed case information.

How do you use PAeDocket? ›

The app allows you to search by using Docket Number, Participant Name, Organization Name, Offense Tracking Number, State Identification Number, Police Incident or Complaint Number. From the results list you can select the case you are interested in viewing.

What is MyCase app? ›

MyCase is a legal client app that offers practice management, law firm automation, and a client portal to make communication faster and easier for both sides. If you're researching MyCase pros and cons, it's important to consider their flexibility and how they could fit into your firm's current practices.

How do I find my PA dockets? ›

Dockets for Pennsylvania's appellate courts (Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Superior Court, and Commonwealth Court) all are located on the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania web portal. Appellate court dockets also are available via the PAeDocket app on Google Play or Apple's App Store.

Can you look up police reports in PA? ›

Pennsylvania criminal history information may be obtained using the state's web-based application dubbed PATCH (Pennsylvania Access To Criminal History) or by submitting a request form to the police department in person or via mail.

Are court records public in PA? ›

Pennsylvania's Unified Judicial System provides comprehensive public access to court records online and upon request. Access aggregate numerical data from all courts including caseload statistics, collections information and interactive data dashboards.

What is a PA docketing statement? ›

This is a form document sent by the Superior Court after a notice of appeal has been filed, which must to be completed and returned within ten days. Under Pa. R.A.P.

What are docket files? ›

Dockets are a "snapshot" of the case file. The docket lists each party, and the attorneys of record. A brief summary of each document is listed, along with the date it was filed and the court record number assigned to the document.

Is docket number the same as case number? ›

Court case number​

Also called the Court File number or Docket number. This is the number assigned by the court to a court case.

What is docket details? ›

A docket is a certificate or ticket which shows the contents of something such as a parcel or cargo, and proves who the goods belong to. [British] The clerk asked me to sign the docket. Synonyms: label, bill, ticket, certificate More Synonyms of docket.

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