Illinois (IL) Lottery - Winning Numbers & Results (2024)

Illinois Lottery COVID-19 update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, operating hours for Illinois Lottery offices and the claiming process may change at any time. While we are continually monitoring the latest updates provided by the lottery operators, we recommend that you contact your local lottery office to get the most up-to-date information before claiming a prize. We appreciate your patience during this time.


Game NamePrize TypeNumbers
Pick 3 MiddayTop Prize3 from 0-9
Pick 3 EveningTop Prize3 from 0-9
Pick 4 MiddayTop Prize4 from 0-9
Pick 4 EveningTop Prize4 from 0-9
Lucky Day Lotto MiddayJackpot5 from 1-45
Lucky Day Lotto EveningJackpot5 from 1-45
LottoJackpot6 from 1-50
PowerballJackpot5 from 1-69 + 1 from 1-26
Mega MillionsJackpot5 from 1-70 + 1 from 1-25

Game schedule

Advanced draws

GameAdvanced Draws
Pick 3 Middayup to 7
Pick 3 Eveningup to 7
Pick 4 Middayup to 7
Pick 4 Eveningup to 7
Lucky Day Lotto Middayup to 25
Lucky Day Lotto Eveningup to 25
Lottoup to 25
Powerballup to 25
Mega Millionsup to 25

Claiming prizes

Here's the process for claiming Illinois Lottery prizes.

In-person claims at any of the Illinois claim centers require an appointment. Visit the Illinois Lottery website to schedule your appointment.

Whenever online winnings cause your account balance to exceed $2,500, excess winnings will be sent to you via check.

To claim a prize by mail, use USPS registered mail with a return address and send the signed winning ticket and a completed claim form to:

Illinois Lottery Claims Department
P.O. Box 19080
Springfield, Illinois 62794-9912

Keep a copy of all claim documents for your records.

Options for claiming

Claim centers

Tax information

Here are the taxes withheld from lottery winnings for all U.S. citizens or residents.

Illinois Lottery tax withholdings on winnings of $1,000 to $4,999 for U.S. citizens or residents
$1,000 to $4,999State Tax4.95%
Federal Tax0%
Total: 4.95%
Illinois Lottery tax withholdings on winnings of $5,000 or more for U.S. citizens or residents
$5,000 or moreState Tax4.95%
Federal Tax24%
Total: 28.95%

If the winner is not a U.S. citizen or resident, the Illinois Lottery withholds a greater amount for taxes.

Illinois Lottery tax withholdings on winnings of $600 to $999 for non-U.S. citizens or non-residents
$600 to $999State Tax0%
Federal Tax30%
Total: 30%
Illinois Lottery tax withholdings on winnings of $1,000 or more for non-U.S. citizens or non-residents
$1,000 or moreState Tax4.95%
Federal Tax30%
Total: 34.95%

About the Illinois Lottery

The Illinois Lottery was launched in 1974. The first instant-win games debuted in 1975.

In 1985, the Illinois Lottery started allocating profits from ticket sales to funding public schools. In 2012, Illinois became the first state to offer residents the opportunity to purchase lottery tickets online. Today, the Illinois Lottery also raises funds for infrastructure and other causes. The state also features instant-win games dedicated to raising funds for veterans, people living with HIV/AIDS, and cancer and multiple sclerosis research.

To play online, you must be an Illinois resident.



(800) 252-1775

Postal address

Illinois Lottery Headquarters: Willard Ice Building, 101 West Jefferson Street Springfield, IL 62702


The Illinois Lottery makes public each winner’s name, home city, and amount won. Addresses and telephone numbers are not published. However, if you win more than $250,000, you can request that your name and city are kept confidential using the lottery claim form.

Yes. You need to pay both state and federal taxes on lottery winnings, so it's a good idea to contact a financial planner or tax expert when you win. See our Tax Information section for more details.

You must be 18 or older to purchase lottery tickets and redeem your winnings. You also need to be a current Illinois resident to purchase tickets online.

Yes, you can purchase most Illinois Lottery game tickets in advance.

Profits from Illinois Lottery games go toward the state's public education and capital projects and a range of other causes.

You can play online, but you cannot purchase tickets over the phone or by mail. To buy your tickets online, create an account on the Illinois Lottery website or app and transfer funds to your account using a debit or credit card.

You can play Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto, Lucky Day Lotto, Pick 3, and Pick 4 online.

You have 365 days from the date of the draw to claim your winnings.

The Illinois Lottery is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen tickets. Keep tickets in a safe place. Signing your ticket helps prove you own it in case you lose it.

Use the following links to find results for the day you are looking for:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Got any more questions about the Illinois Lottery?

Visit our , and we'd love to help you out.

Illinois (IL) Lottery - Winning Numbers & Results (2024)


How many numbers are in the Illinois Lotto? ›

Pick 6 numbers between 1-50 or select Quick Pick. To edit a number, select the line, click on a previously picked number and then select a new number.

Does Illinois have a lottery? ›

Founded in 1974, the Illinois Lottery has contributed over $19 billion (since 1985) to the state's Common School Fund to assist K-12 public schools, as well as hundreds of millions of dollars to the Capital Projects Fund and other special causes.

What are the prizes for Illinois Lotto? ›

Players matching all 6 numbers split a parimutuel jackpot that starts at $2,000,000 and rolls by $150,000 until it is won. Players matching 5 of 6 numbers win a variable amount that averages $2,000, matching 4 of 6 win a variable amount that averages $50, matching 3 of 6 numbers win $5, and matching 2 of 6 win $1.

How much does Illinois pick 4 payout? ›

For just $. 50, you can win up to $2,500, and for $1.00 you can win up to $5,000! Play your lucky pick today!

Did anyone win the Powerball tonight? ›

There was no jackpot winner in California for this draw. But there are 42,182 winning tickets! Get your ticket for the next draw. To see draw results for participating POWERBALL lotteries outside California, search POWERBALL results.

What are the most frequently drawn Lotto numbers? ›

The best numbers for the National Lottery Lotto
  • The number 5 has been pulled 26 times. This is more than any other number.
  • The number 8 has been pulled 25 times.
  • The numbers 6, 10 and 26 have been pulled 24 times.

How long does it take to get your lottery winnings in Illinois? ›

You can expect to receive your check by mail in 3-4 weeks. Every effort will be made to process your claim as quickly as possible. This estimated timeframe is dependent upon several factors, including completion of the claim form, submission of all required documents, and the quality of the uploaded ticket images. 4.

What is the prize for 4 numbers on Lotto? ›

4 Matching Numbers4th Prize40
3 Matching Numbers4th Prize20
10 more rows

Does Illinois tax lottery winners? ›

In Illinois, lottery winnings are subject to a tax rate of 4.95%. Whether it's a significant jackpot or a smaller prize, individuals who win the lottery in Illinois need to account for the state tax.

What to do if you win the lottery in Illinois? ›

If your prize is greater than $10,000, or if you want to submit any type of group claim, please schedule an appointment at a Claim Center or visit our website for other claim options on the When You Win found on the Illinois Lottery website. Prizes up to $600 may still be claimed at Illinois Lottery retail locations.

What does Illinois do with lottery money? ›

Playing the Illinois Lottery gives you a chance to dream big while supporting communities across Illinois. Approximately twenty-five cents of every dollar spent on the lottery funds public education and other special causes.

What are some lucky numbers for Lotto? ›

The most frequently drawn winning numbers from the main barrel are 17, 7, 11, 2, 3 and 9, while the least frequently drawn are 33, 15, 34, 31, 26 and 1. The most frequently drawn Powerball numbers are 19 and 2, while the least frequently drawn Powerball numbers are 14 and 16.

What does 2 draws mean in lottery? ›

Number of Draws means the number of Drawings for which a Multi-Draw and/or Future Play Ticket is valid. Sample 1Sample 2. Number of Draws means the number of Drawings for which a Future Play Ticket is valid.

Is there a second chance lottery in Illinois? ›

All non-winning Celebration 2nd Chance Promotion Instant Tickets from the Illinois Lottery are eligible to be entered for a chance to win up to $500,000.

What time is the Illinois Lottery drawing tonight? ›

Draw Times
Monday MonMonday MonFriday Fri
POWERBALL 9:59 PM 9:59 PMPOWERBALL 9:59 PM 9:59 PM 9:59 PM
MEGA MILLIONS 10:00 PM 10:00 PM 10:00 PM
LOTTO 9:22 PM 9:22 PMLOTTO 9:22 PM 9:22 PM 9:22 PM
undefined daily at 12:40 PM & 9:22 PM daily at 12:40 PM & 9:22 PM
2 more rows

When did Pick 3 start in Illinois? ›

The first Instant Ticket, 7-11-21®, was released a year later in 1975. Then, in 1985, the Illinois-favorite daily draw game Pick 3 hit the scene.

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