How gas prices have changed in Joplin in the last week (2024)

How gas prices have changed in Joplin in the last week (1)

Joplin, MO News

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June 17, 2024


How gas prices have changed in Joplin in the last week

Gasoline has maintained its relatively low price this past week compared to the same time in 2023.

On average, prices at the pump are more than 10 cents lower than last summer, though analysts typically expect prices to heat up with summer travel demand. That hasn't happened this year as domestic gasoline supply has grown and demand has been lower.

"​​Market fundamentals look pretty good right now if you're a motorist," GasBuddy analyst Patrick De Haan said in a statement Monday.

Despite lower seasonal gas prices, consumer anxiety over higher prices after years of heightened inflation rages on; the overall inflation rate has sat stubbornly high compared to what Americans were used to pre-pandemic.

The Biden administration said it stands ready to release more oil from U.S. strategic reserves if gas prices were to spike over the summer ahead of the November election. It's one of the only levers the executive branch can pull to impact gas prices directly. The administration has used the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to increase supply in the U.S. in an attempt to push down prices several times, including in the aftermath of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which pushed gas prices to historic highs.

Stacker compiled statistics on gas prices in Joplin, MO metro area using data from AAA. Gas prices are current as of June 17.

Joplin by the numbers
- Gas current price: $2.88
--- Missouri average: $3.04
- Week change: +$0.03 (+0.9%)
- Year change: -$0.21 (-6.7%)
- Historical expensive gas price: $4.52 (6/16/22)

- Diesel current price: $3.24
- Week change: +$0.02 (+0.6%)
- Year change: -$0.23 (-6.6%)
- Historical expensive diesel price: $5.29 (6/21/22)

Metros with the most expensive gas
#1. Lihue (Kauai), HI: $5.25
#2. Napa, CA: $5.18
#3. San Luis Obispo-Atascadero-Paso Robles, CA: $5.11

Metros with the least expensive gas
#1. Henderson, KY: $2.77
#2. Lubbock, TX: $2.79
#3. Jonesboro, AR: $2.84

This story features writing by Dom DiFurio and is part of a series utilizing data automation across 371 metros.

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How gas prices have changed in Joplin in the last week

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How gas prices have changed in Joplin in the last week (2024)


Why did gas prices suddenly go up? ›

Underlying the higher costs of gas are routine factors including refinery maintenance, the switch to summer gasoline and rising demand. Domestic supply is also impacted as refineries take advantage of milder weather conditions to do necessary maintenance.

Why has gas gone up in Missouri? ›

Nick Chabarria, a AAA spokesman, said recent events have resulted in high demand for gasoline in Missouri. Families hitting the road for spring break and sky watchers heading to the St. Louis area for Monday's eclipse led to increased demand and increased prices.

How much is gas in Missouri right now? ›

Missouri average gas prices
Current Avg.$3.041$3.698
Yesterday Avg.$3.044$3.699
Week Ago Avg.$3.084$3.739
Month Ago Avg.$3.225$3.872
1 more row

Is gas cheaper in Missouri or Illinois? ›

If you check for gasoline prices in the Midwest, Illinois stands out for having higher average prices than surrounding states, including Missouri. Here's one stark difference: Illinois retailers have to charge more than double the motor fuel tax that their competitors in Missouri have to charge.

Will prices go back down? ›

They're most likely gone forever. That's because prices, on average, are a one-way ticket, generally rising over time, and falling only when something has gone wrong with the economy. Officials at the Federal Reserve who set the nation's monetary policy are determined to keep it that way.

Who controls the price of gas? ›

Petroleum prices are determined by market forces of supply and demand, not individual companies, and the price of crude oil is the primary determinant of the price we pay at the pump.

How much was gas in 2000 in Missouri? ›

31 more rows

Why is gas so much cheaper in Missouri? ›

The state doesn't have any oil refineries, and its share of U.S. crude oil production is so small that the Department of Energy reports it as 0 percent. But because of its proximity to Texas, Oklahoma, and the Gulf Coast states, Missouri is crisscrossed by some of the nation's larger pipelines.

Why did gas prices drop during the pandemic? ›

In April, widespread stay-at-home orders and business closures in the United States continued to drive down refined fuel demand and crude oil prices.

What is the cheapest day to buy gas in Missouri? ›

The Best Day To Buy Gas: Monday

Analyzing gas price stats from January 1, 2021, to December 16, 2021, GasBuddy found that Monday consistently offered the lowest average gas price in 17 states and is the best day to buy gas.

Where is the cheapest gas in the United States? ›

Mississippi has the lowest price of gas, with an average of $2.94 per gallon of regular gas. Table with 4 columns and 5 rows. Per gallon of regular gas. Prices are updated daily.

What state has the highest gas price right now? ›

US Gas Price Report
  • Texas - $3.086 per gallon. ...
  • Mississippi - $3.124 per gallon. ...
  • Oklahoma and Missouri - $3.136 per gallon. ...
  • Hawaii - $4.907 per gallon. ...
  • 2. California - $4.617 per gallon. ...
  • Washington - $4.137 per gallon. ...
  • New Hampshire. ...
  • Texas.

What is the cheapest day to get gas? ›

Buy Gas on Monday or Tuesday

Be strategic about the days you fill up at the pump. “For gas, Mondays and Tuesdays tend to be the cheapest days to fill up your tank as demand is lower at the beginning of the week,” Anderson said.

What state has the worst gas prices? ›

Data as of May 24, 2024. Western and Pacific states face the most costly gas in the nation, as the five states with the highest prices are California, Hawaii ($4.79), Washington ($4.57), Oregon ($4.33) and Nevada ($4.32).

What day is the cheapest to buy fuel? ›

Even though the state's reliable price cycle suggests Mondays and Tuesdays are the best days to fill up, Derecki told “This doesn't mean all fuel retailers will be cheap on that day, but most are.”

How much will gas be in 5 years? ›

Gas price prediction 2025

The Gas price prediction for 2025 is currently between $ 2.81 on the lower end and $ 5.25 on the high end. Compared to today's price, Gas could gain 28.35% by 2025 if GAS reaches the upper price target.

Why are oil prices going up? ›

Oil prices are rising on expectations summer fuel demand will draw down inventories and tighten the market in the third quarter. But Bob Yawger, executive director of energy futures at Mizuho Securities, said the rally is largely speculators covering short positions and “could evaporate at any given moment.”

Why are CA gas prices rising? ›

It's no secret the state's hostility towards oil and natural gas has already led to the highest gasoline prices in the country, rolling blackouts, increased foreign imports to keep the state running, and made investments in oil and natural gas production and refining increasingly risky.

Where are oil prices headed? ›

JPMorgan forecasts crude will average $83 a barrel in 2024

After falling in 2023, J.P. Morgan Research forecasts Brent oil prices to remain largely flat in 2024 and edge down a further 10% in 2025: “Our Brent Oil forecast has not changed since June and is expected to average $83 per barrel (bbl) in 2024”.

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