Chixia Best Builds and Teams | Wuthering Waves (WuWa)|Game8 (2024)

Chixia Best Builds and Teams | Wuthering Waves (WuWa)|Game8 (1)

Chixia is a playable 4-star Fusion Pistol character in Wuthering Waves (WuWa). Check out this guide for Chixia's best builds, teams, echoes, skills, and voice actor here!

List of Contents

  • Character Overview
  • Best Builds
  • Best Echo Sets
  • Best Weapons
  • Best Teams
  • How to Play
  • Recommended Combos
  • Ascension and Forte Materials
  • Skill Priority
  • Forte (Skills)
  • Resonance Chain
  • How to Get
  • Voice Actor and Lore
  • Related Guides

Chixia's Character Overview

Chixia Information

Chixia Best Builds and Teams | Wuthering Waves (WuWa)|Game8 (2)
Rarity ★★★★




How to Get Any Convene Banner
Voice Actor
Harriet Carmichael

Chixia Rankings

Main DPS Sub-DPS Support Overall
Chixia Best Builds and Teams | Wuthering Waves (WuWa)|Game8 (5) Chixia Best Builds and Teams | Wuthering Waves (WuWa)|Game8 (6) - Chixia Best Builds and Teams | Wuthering Waves (WuWa)|Game8 (7)

How Would You Rate Chixia?

Character Tier List

Chixia Stats

Lv. 1 Lv. 90
HP 727 9087
ATK 24 300
DEF 78 953
Energy Regen 100% -
Crit. Rate 5% -
Crit. DMG 150% -

Stat calculations does not include the Attribute Bonuses from Chixia's Forte.

How Strong is Chixia?

• Really easy and straightforward to use • Deals a good amount of Fusion DMG • Combos are not hard to understand • Ult is great against hordes of enemies • Very mobile
• Cannot maximize her Resonance Liberation against bosses • Need constant repositioning and precise evasion to survive • Cannot use Forte Skill if she doesn't have Resonance Skill charges

Chixia's a free 4-Star DPS who's good for new players since she can just sit back and shoot enemies from afar. However, she needs precise movement and resource management to maximize her DPS potential.

Also, she's best suited for single-target damage since she only has her Resonance Liberation for AoE damage.

Chixia's Best Builds

Chixia Fusion DPS Build

Best Weapon

Static Mist

Alt. Weapons


Undying Flame

Guardian Pistols

Sonata Effect 5-piece Molten Rift
Cost Pattern ④ ③ ③ ① ①
Main Echo Inferno Rider

Chixia's Best Echo Stats

Echo Main Stats Priority
④-Cost ③-Cost ①-Cost
Echo Substats Tuning Priority
1. CRIT DMG ★★★
2. CRIT Rate ★★
3. ATK% ★★
4. Res. Liberation DMG Bonus ★★
5. Energy Regen % ★★
6. Flat ATK ★

Chixia is a hypercarry Fusion Resonator that aims to deal as much damage as possible. Focus on increasing her Fusion DMG and CRIT stats so she can deal as much damage as possible. If you have her on S1, you can invest more on her Crit DMG as her Resonance Skill will surely deal critical hits at S1.

Chixia's Best Echo Sets

Best Main Echo

Main Echo Explanation
Inferno Rider

Chixia Best Builds and Teams | Wuthering Waves (WuWa)|Game8 (15)

・A Fusion echo that not only deals huge damage, but also increases the Fusion DMG of the holder after the attack chain.
・Make sure to finish the full attack animation to get the buff.

Echo Tier List

Chixia Best Sonata Effects

Echo Set Rating
Molten Rift
★★★ - BestStraight up increases Chixia's Basic Attack and Fusion DMG, Molten Rift is by far the best set for Chixia.

Recommended Main Echo:

Inferno Rider

Molten Rift
(2-pc) Moonlit Clouds
★★☆ - 2nd BestThis set increases the frequency of using Chixia's Resonance Liberation. Though not central to Chixia's playstyle, this is extremely useful when dealing with hoards of enemies or taking down bosses.

Recommended Main Echo:

Inferno Rider

Molten Rift
(2-pc) Lingering Tunes
★☆☆ - 3rd BestThird best option for Chixia as it increases both Fusion DMG and ATK. Only use this if you don't have enough Echoes to fill in the better Sonata sets.

Recommended Main Echo:

Inferno Rider

List of All Echoes and Sonata Effects

Chixia's Best Weapons

Chixia's All Best Weapons Ranked

Weapon Skill
1 Static Mist Stormy ResolutionIncreases Energy Regen by 12.8%. When Outro Skill is cast, increases the incoming Resonator's ATK by 10%, stacking up to 1 time(s). This effect lasts for 14s.
2 Thunderbolt UnstoppableWhen hitting a target with Basic Attacks or Heavy Attacks, increases Resonance Skill DMG Bonus by 7%, stacking up to 3 time(s). This effect lasts for 10s and can be triggered 1 time(s) every 1s.
3 Undying Flame LoyaltyWhen Intro Skill is cast, increases Resonance Skill DMG Bonus by 20% for 15s.
4 Guardian Pistols UnityResonance Skill DMG Bonus is increased by 12%

List of All Weapons

Chixia's Best Weapon Explained

Static Mist is the only 5-star Pistol weapon available in the game. Though Chixia cannot utilize its Weapon Skill fully, the increase in Energy Regen and Crit Rate will make sure that all her attacks can crit. In any case, Thunderbolt is still a good alternative and Static Mist is not a must have.

Chixia's Best Teams

F2P Chixia Main DPS Team

Main DPS Sub-DPS Support
Chixia Best Builds and Teams | Wuthering Waves (WuWa)|Game8 (28)Chixia Rover (Spectro) Baizhi

This team composition revolves around Chixia dealing as much damage as possible while the enemy is under the Rover's Time Stop outro skill. This maximizes Chixia's free hit chance, especially with her Resonance Skill (Hold).

The healer slot is filled by Baizhi, but you can use a premium support like Verina if you have her.

Just remember that Chixia cannot use her Forte Circuit if she doesn't have a Resonance Skill charge, so make sure that you always have one charge ready when you're close to 60 Thermobaric Bullets.

General Rotation

1 Rover starts the battle and charges the Concerto Energy until the other character's Resonator icons glow up.
2 When Chixia's is fully charged, switch with Chixia. The Time Stop outro skill of the Rover should trigger, slowing down time for 3s.
3 Use Chixia's Resonance Skill (Hold) to deal damage. It will be really easy to hit the targets considering they are in stasis. If available, use her Ultimate to finish off enemies not felled by the Resonance Skill. Also, use the equipped echo when it is off cooldown.
4 Switch with Rover again once the Concerto Energy has fully charged. If you need healing, switch with your healer and use their healing skill for a quick heal.
5 Repeat the steps until the enemy is felled.

How to Play Chixia

Chixia Gameplay Guide

Chixia Best Builds and Teams | Wuthering Waves (WuWa)|Game8 (31) Attack Enemies at Range

Chixia Best Builds and Teams | Wuthering Waves (WuWa)|Game8 (32) Fill Up the Forte Circuit Meter

Chixia Best Builds and Teams | Wuthering Waves (WuWa)|Game8 (33) Unleash Forte Circuit When Bar's Full

Chixia Best Builds and Teams | Wuthering Waves (WuWa)|Game8 (34) Use Ultimate When Surrounded

Attack Enemies at Range

Chixia is a Pistol user who excels at attacking at range. This is great for new players who don't play action games since she can attack safely at range, making it easier to dodge attacks.

Attacks Have a Maximum Range

It should be noted that you shouldn't be attacking from too far away since attacks have a maximum range. If you try to attack from too far, your shots will miss.

Fill Up the Forte Circuit Meter

Basic Attack 4 → (Tap) Res. Skill

The bulk of Chixia's damage comes from her Forte Circuit, so you'll want to fill up its meter as often as possible. To do this, use a combination of her Basic Attacks and Resonance Skill to quickly max it out.

Unleash DAKA DAKA! When Bar's Full

Once the bar above her HP is full, hold down Resonance Skill to unleash 'DAKA DAKA!'. This will unleash a barrage of bullets that deal a steady amount of damage against the enemy.

Tap Basic Attack After Using 30 Bullets

After using up 30 bullets, denoted by the line on the bar, click Basic Attack to unleash a powerful shot called 'Boom Boom' and deal massive damage to the target.

Use Ultimate When Surrounded

Chixia's Resonance Liberation is her only reliable source of AoE damage, so you'll want to save it for when she's surrounded by multiple enemies to quickly take them out.

Chixia's Recommended Combos

Switch-In Intro Skill Combo

Intro Skill → BA 1 → BA 2 → BA 3 → BA 4 → Res. Skill → BA (Until Forte Circuit's Full)

When you switch to Chixia, your goal is to max out her Forte Circuit as soon as possible. Her Intro Skill also gives Thermobaric Bullets, so you'll only realistically need 1 Resonance Skill and 2 Basic Attack Combos to fill up her Circuit.

Forte Circuit Build Up

Basic Attack 4 → (Tap) Res. Skill → Repeat if Needed

As mentioned earlier, this will be your basic combo to generate Thermobaric Bullets and build up Chixia's Forte Circuit. Just remember that you need a Resonance Skill charge to activate DAKA DAKA!, so don't always spam it.

Standard Damage Combo

Inferno Rider → DAKA DAKA! (Until 30 Bullets) → Boom Boom → BA1-4 → DAKA DAKA! (Until 30 Bullets) → Boom Boom → BA1-4

This combo will be Chixia's standard damage rotation. Start by using the Inferno Rider Echo to get the Fusion DMG Boost and use DAKA DAKA! until you can unleash Boom Boom. Follow it up with Basic Attacks to build up her Forte Circuit, and repeat [DAKA DAKA → Boom Boom → Basic Attacks] to end the combo.

Remember to execute this combo quickly since Inferno Rider's 15s Fusion DMG Boost might run out and the last part of the combo might not get the damage buff. Also, you'll need Inferno Rider's final attack to go off for the Fusion Buff to apply.

Chixia's Ascension and Forte Materials

Materials Summary

Character Ascension Materials

How to Get Materials
Normal Enemies

LF Whisperin Core

MF Whisperin Core

HF Whisperin Core

FF Whisperin Core

World Boss

Rage Tacet Core

Weekly Boss

Monument Bell

Overworld Material

Belle Poppy


Shell Credit

Forte Materials

How to Get Materials
Normal Enemies

LF Whisperin Core

MF Whisperin Core

HF Whisperin Core

FF Whisperin Core

Forgery Challenge

Impure Phlogiston

Extracted Phlogiston

Weekly Boss

Monument Bell


Shell Credit

Ascension Materials Per Rank

Character Ascension Materials
Rank 1
20 ➔ 40

LF Whisperin Core x4

Shell Credit x5,000

Rank 2
40 ➔ 50

Rage Tacet Core x3

Belle Poppy x4

MF Whisperin Core x4

Shell Credit x10,000

Rank 3
50 ➔ 60

Rage Tacet Core x6

Belle Poppy x8

MF Whisperin Core x8

Shell Credit x15,000

Rank 4
60 ➔ 70

Rage Tacet Core x9

Belle Poppy x12

HF Whisperin Core x4

Shell Credit x20,000

Rank 5
70 ➔ 80

Rage Tacet Core x12

Belle Poppy x16

HF Whisperin Core x8

Shell Credit x40,000

We will update the table when we determine the material requirements at higher ranks.

Chixia's Skill Priority

Skill Tree Priority

Forte Priority
Basic Attack ★★☆☆☆
Resonance Skill ★★☆☆☆
Forte Circuit ★★★★★
Resonance Liberation ★★★★
Intro Skill ☆☆☆☆

Forte Priority Explanations

Forte Explanation
Basic Attack Chixia's Basic Attacks are mainly used to generate Thermobaric Bullets for her Forte Circuit. Even though it looks like she's auto-attacking a lot, the damage from her abilities doesn't scale off of her Basic Attack level.

Upgrade this skill alongside her Resonance Skill since they're both lower prio compared to her Forte Circuit and Ultimate.

Resonance Skill Similar to her Basic Attacks, Chixia's Resonance Skill is mainly used to generate Thermobaric Bullets for her Forte Circuit. Again, upgrade this alongside her Basic Attacks since they're both lower prio compared to her Forte Circuit and Ultimate.
Forte Circuit This is Chixia's most important skill since this is where the bulk of her damage comes from. Even though the ability is activated with her Resonance Skill, the damage scales with her Forte Circuit levels.

Just remember that this will only out-damage her Ult as long as you activate Boom Boom every 30 Thermobaric Bullets.

Resonance Liberation Chixia's Ultimate will be your second upgrade priority since it's her only source of Burst and AoE outside of her Outro Skill. It's also her second-highest damage skill after her Forte Circuit.
Intro Skill While the increased damage is nice, you won't be using Chixia's Intro Skill often since she'll be your active character more often than not.

Chixia's Forte (Skills)

Basic Attack: POW POW

Skill Info
Basic Attack:
Chixia fires up to 4 consecutive shots at a single target, dealing Fusion DMG.Heavy Attack:
Chixia enters the aiming state for a more powerful shot.

The shot fired deals Fusion DMG.

Mid-air Attack:
Chixia consumes Stamina to perform consecuive shots at the target in mid-air, dealing Fusion DMG.Dodge Counter:
Use Basic Attack after a successful Dodge to attack the target, dealing Fusion DMG. Attribute Bonuses:
1. Fusion DMG Bonus +1.80%
2. Fusion DMG Bonus +4.20%
Skill Detail Effect (Lvl 1)
Part 1 Damage 33.30%
Part 2 Damage 24.30%*2
Part 3 Damage 16.88%*4
Part 4 Damage 117.00%

Resonance Skill: Whizzing Fight Spirit

Skill Info
Chixia unleashes a flurry of shots, dealing Fusion DMG.

Whizzing Fight Spirit has 2 initial charges.

Attribute Bonuses:
1. ATK +1.80%
2. ATK +4.20%
Skill Detail Effect (Lvl 1)
Skill Damage 16.00%*8
Cooldown 9s
Con. Energy Regen 10

Forte Circuit: Heroic Bullets

Skill Info
Resonance Skill - DAKA DAKA!:
Hold Resonance Skill Whizzing Fight Spirit to enter DAKA DAKA! In this state:

Chixia continuously consumes Thermobaric Bullets to attack the target, dealing Fusion DMG considered as Resonance Skill;

Tap Basic Attack to cast Basic Attack 4, dealing Fusion DMG, considered as Basic Attack damage then Chixia terminates DAKA DAKA!

If 30 Thermobaric Bullets have been fired when Basic Attack is activated, Chixia will cast Resonance Skill Boom Boom and terminate DAKA DAKA!

Chixia terminates DAKA DAKA! when all Thermobaric Bullets are consumed.

Resonance Skill - Boom Boom:
Chixia deals Fusion DMG, considered as Resonance Skill damage.Thermobaric Bullets:
Chixia can hold up to 60 Thermobaric Bullets and can charge them n various ways:

Chixia obtains Thermobaric Bullets for every Normal Attack POW POW on hit.

Chixia obtains Thermobaric Bullets upon casting Intro Skill Grand Entrance and Resonance Skill Whizzing Fight Spirit.

Skill Detail Effect (Lvl 1)
Thermobaric Bullets Damage 10.00%
POW POW Damage 220.00%
DAKA DAKA! Con. Energy Regen 10
Thermobaric Bullet Con. Energy Regen 0.5

Inherent Skill 1: Scorching Magazine

Skill Info
Max Thermobaric Bullets is increased by 10 rounds. The damage of Resonance Skill Boom Boom is increased by 50%.

Inherent Skill 2: Spicy and Numbing

Skill Info
Each Thermobaric Bullets that hits a target during Resonance Skill DAKA DAKA! increases ATK by 1% for 10s, stacking up to 30 times.

Resonance Liberation: Blazing Flames

Skill Info
Chixia fires up fast shots at nearby enemies, dealing Fusion DMG. Attribute Bonuses:
1. ATK +1.80%
2. ATK +4.20%
Skill Detail Effect (Lvl 1)
Cooldown 20s
Res. Energy Cost 150
Con. Energy Regen 20

Intro Skill: Grand Entrance

Skill Info
Chixia makes a heroic entrance and fires rapidly with her dual pistols at the target, dealing Fusion DMG. Attribute Bonuses:
1. Fusion DMG Bonus +1.80%
2. Fusion DMG Bonus +4.20%
Skill Detail Effect (Lvl 1)
Skill Damage 24.75%*2+12.38%*4
Con. Energy Regen 10

Outro Skill: Leaping Flames

Skill Info
Chixia releases a shock wave surrounding the target, dealing Fusion DMG equal to 530% of Chixia's ATK to enemies within the range.

Chixia's Resonance Chain

Recommended Sequence Nodes

Why We Recommend It
S1 ★★★★★ - Amazing Boom Boom is Chixia's main source of damage, so having it Auto-CRIT is incredible. This will let you focus on CRIT DMG%, Fusion DMG%, and ATK% on her equipment instead of CRIT Rate%.

Do note that you may still want CRIT Rate% for her other skills, like her Ult.

S2 ☆☆☆☆☆ - Unimportant vs Bosses
★★★☆☆ - Good vs Multiple Enemies This upgrade may look good on paper since it will make Chixia better at mobbing, but the reality is that she's best used a Single-Target DPS. If you don't kill off a single enemy with her Ult, then this Sequence Node does nothing.

However, if you're using Chixia as a more general DPS instead of a Boss killer, this Sequence Node gets bumped up to good since you can use her Ult more often.

S3 ★★★★☆ - Great Unlike Chixia's S2 upgrade, this Sequence Node actually benefits her Single-Target playstyle, especially against Bosses with large health bars. It's also great at killing off low HP enemies if you need it.
S4 ★★★★★ - Amazing This upgrade is absolutely amazing since Chixia will max out her Thermobaric Bullets every time she Ults! This will significantly increase her damage output and help her shred through enemy HP bars.
S5 ★★★☆☆ - Good Since this Sequence Node relies on you having her Inherent Skill II unlocked, this will do absolutely nothing if your Chixia is below Rank 4 and you can't unlock it.

If you do have it unlocked, it's a decent upgrade to get since you'll get an extra 30% ATK Boost if you reach the max DAKA DAKA stacks. The main issue though is that you don't want to spam her Resonance Skill since you'll also need it to activate her Forte Circuit.

S6 ★☆☆☆☆ - Bad Chixia's capstone Sequence Node is pretty bad since her main sources of damage don't count as Basic Attack DMG. While this is useful if she needs to build up Thermobaric Bullets, it really only benefits the rest of her team and not herself.

All Sequence Node Effects

S1 No. 1 Hero Play FanResonance Skill Boom Boom hits will always be Critical Hits.
S2 Leaping SparklesDuring Resonance Liberation Blazing Flames, for every 1 target defeated, Chixia recovers 5 Resonance Energy, up to 20 each time.
S3 Eternal FlamesResonance Liberation Blazing Flames deals 40% more damage to targets whose HP is below 50%.
S4 Hero's Ultimate MoveResonance Liberation Blazing Flames grants 60 Thermobaric Bullets and immediately resets the cooldown of Resonance Skill Whizzing Fight Spirit.
S5 Triumphant ExplosionsWhen the Inherent Skill Numbingly Spicy! reaches max stacks, ATK is additionally increased by 30%.
S6 Easter Egg PerformanceResonance Skill Boom Boom increases the Basic Attack DMG Bonus of all team members by 25% for 15s.

How to Get Chixia

Was Previously a Featured 4-Star

Limited Banner
Prevail the Lasting Night
Availability Version 1.0 (Phase 1)

Chixia was a featured 4-star Resonator in the Convene shown above!

Available in All Convene Banners

All Limited and Permanent Banners
When Thunder Pours Absolute Pulsation (Yinlin)
Tidal Chorus Weapon Permanent Convene
Utterance of Marvels Beginner's Choice Convene Banner

Chixia can be summoned from all Convenes available in Wuthering Waves!

Obtain Chixia for Free

You can get some Resonators for free. Chixia is one of the Resonators that can be obtained by progressing the game.

How to Get Free Characters

Chixia's Voice Actor and Lore

Chixia's Voice Actors

Voice Actors EN VA: Harriet Carmichael
JP VA: Nagase Anna
CN VA: Cai Na
KR VA: Kang Eun Ae

List of All Voice Actors

Chixia's In-Game Lore

Gender Female
Birthplace Huanglong
Affiliation Jinzhou
Basic Info Chixia is a young Patroller who casts her jubilant figure along the streets of Jinzhou city. She's always ready to be someone's hero.

List of All Factions

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