Alaska Highway - The MILEPOST (2024)

The MILEPOST® Quick Reference Log
Miles from Dawson Creek (DC) shown.

DC 0Mile OinDAWSON CREEK(pop. 11,800); all services.Visitor information. Mile 0 Post is downtown at 10th Street and 102nd Avenue, Alaska Highway monument is adjacent the grain elevator.

Alaska Highway - The MILEPOST (1)

DC 1.5Mile 0 Park; camping. Campground is adjacentWalter Wright Pioneer Village.
DC 17.3 Exit east for loop road to Kiskatinaw Provincial Park (3 miles/5 km); camping. Also access to Historic Kiskatinaw River Bridge, the original Old Alaska Highway wooden bridge.
DC 34.4Peace River Bridge, longest water span on the Alaska Highway.
DC 35 TAYLOR(pop. 1,300); food, gas, lodging, camping.Visitor informationat the Visitor Centre on the Alaska Highway; stop and photograph the Gold Panner statue. World’s Invitational Gold Panning Championship in August.

Alaska Highway - The MILEPOST (2)

DC 47FORT ST. JOHN(pop. 21.523); all services. Food, gas and lodging are located on frontage roads along the Alaska Highway and in downtown Fort St. John.Visitor informationis located inside the Pomeroy Sport Centre at 9324 96 Street.
DC 51Turnoff for Charlie Lake day-use area and campground. The Alaska Highway monument here is a memorial to 12 American soldiers working on construction of the Alaska Highway who drowned here in 1942, when their pontoon boat sank while crossing the lake. Camping at adjacent Rotary Park campground.
DC 53.6Junctionwith Highway 29 to Hudson’s Hope to west. Turnoff to east for Charlie Lake Provincial Park; camping.
DC 71.7Historical Mile 72. The Shepherd’s Inn;restaurant (with homemade baked goods), motel, gas/diesel; phone 250-827-3676 or email.
DC 101 WONOWON(pop. 150); food, gas.
DC 140.4Historical Mile 143.PINK MOUNTAIN(pop. 99); general store, gas/diesel/propane, camping atPink Mountain Campsite & RV Park, Race Trac Fuels,open year-round; phone 250-772-5133 oremail.
DC 159.2Historical Mile 162.SIKANNI CHIEF.Sikanni River Campground & RV Park; seasonal gas, lodging and camping.
DC 173.3Buckinghorse River Wayside Provincial Park, camping.
DC 173.4Historical Mile 175. Buckinghorse River Lodge to west; seasonal 24-hour public cardlock AFD gas pump.
DC 227Historical Mile 233.PROPHET RIVER; no services
DC 265.5Andy Bailey Regional Park 7 miles/12 km east; camping.
DC 280Ye Olde Quilt Shoppehas quilting supplies; phone 250-774-2773 oremail.
DC 281.2Muskwa River bridge, lowest point on the Alaska Highway at elev. 1,000 feet/305m.

Alaska Highway - The MILEPOST (3)

DC 283Historical Mile 300,FORT NELSON(pop. 6,147); all services. Lodging at Woodlands Inn & Suitesand Ramada Limited (email); groceries and natural foods at Down to Earth Heath Shop; RV/vehicle servicing at Dalex Auto, and Al’s Car Clean & Repair (phone 250-774-4931).Visitor information:Inside the Northern Rockies Regional Recreation Center, across the highway from the museum; free dump station.Camping atTriple “G” Hideaway RV Park;phone 250-774-2340 or email; full hook-up sites, laundry, restaurant (restaurant closes Sept. 30, campground remains open well into October). Fort Nelson Heritage Museum, adjacent Triple G campground, has Alaska Highway history and pioneer artifacts, a very fun stop.
DC 284.7 Junction with south end of Old Alaska Highway and access to Al’s Car Clean & Repair; phone 250-774-4931.
DC 301 Junctionwith Liard Highway to Fort Liard and Northwest Territories viaDeh Cho Route.
DC 344.7Turnoff for Tetsa River Campground Regional Park.
DC 357.5Historical Mile 375.Tetsa River Services and Campground; gas/diesel, campground, popularcinnamon bun stop, rustic cabins, horse boarding.
DC 373.3Historic Milepost 392, Summit Lake; no services. The Summit Lake Lodge has been closed for many years.
DC 373.6Summit Pass (elev. 4,250 feet/1,295m), highest summit on the Alaska Highway. Summit Lake (Stone Mountain) Provincial Campground. Watch for Stone sheep on the highway.
DC 404.6Historical Mile 422,TOAD RIVER.Toad River Lodge; food, gas, diesel, lodging, camping. Toad River Lodge is the home of the world famous hat collection.

Alaska Highway - The MILEPOST (4)

DC 436.5EnteringMUNCHO LAKE(pop. 29) northbound. Double G Services; lodging, restaurant and gas. Muncho Lake, known for its beautiful deep green and blue waters, is 7 miles/11 km in length, and 1 mile/1.6 km in width; elevation is 2,680 feet/817m.
DC 437.6Strawberry Flats Campground, Muncho Lake Provincial Park; 15 sites on lakeshore.
DC 442.2Historical Mile 462.Northern Rockies Lodge; restaurant, gas, lodging, camping. Flightseeing trips of Northern Rockies and Virginia Falls in Nahanni National Park available.
DC 442.9MacDonald campground, Muncho Lake Provincial Park.
DC 444.9Muncho Lake viewpoint at Historic Milepost 463.
DC 477.1Historical Mile 496. LIARD RIVER (unincorporated).

Alaska Highway - The MILEPOST (5)

DC 477.7 Liard River Hotsprings Provincial Park; camping. A short walk leads to thehot springs pool. Not-to-be missed spot!
DC 477.8 Historical Mile 497. Liard Hotsprings Lodge.
DC 513.9Historical Mile 533.COAL RIVER.Coal River Lodge & RV; food, gas, diesel, lodging and camping. Open May through September; phone .
DC 524.2Historical Mile 543.FIRESIDE;no services.
DC 567.9Historic Milepost 588, Contact Creek, where crews worked from the south and the north met in September 1942, completing the southern sector of the Alaska Highway.
DC 570Historical Mile 590.CONTACT CREEK.Contact Creek Lodge, phone 867-536-2262 oremail; coffee shop, snacks, gas, diesel, car repair, towing. Open year-round.
DC 603.3Welcome to British Columbia (southbound sign) at BC–YT border.
DC 607Lucky Lake (picnicking and swimming) and Liard Canyon Recreation Area (hiking trail).
DC 610.5Historical Mile 632.5. AFD gas/dieselstation.

Alaska Highway - The MILEPOST (6)

DC 612.9Historic Milepost 635,WATSON LAKE(pop. 1,563); all services.Visitor informationlocated in the Watson Lake Recreation Centre adjacent the Sign Post Forest. Lodging atBig Horn HotelandCedar Lodge Motel.Camping atDowntown RV Park. Dining atArchie’s Kitchen. Attractions: Watson Lake Sign Post Forest, Northern Lights Centre.Junctionof the Alaska Highway and theCampbell Highway.
DC 615.3Watson Lake Yukon government campground and day-use area 3 miles north.
DC 626.2Historical Mile 649,junctionwith theCassiar Highway, which leads 450 miles/723 km south to the Yellowhead Highway 16; gas, diesel, convenience store, camping at junction.
DC 627Historical Mile 650.Nugget City; restaurant; gift shop with Canadian souvenirs; gas/diesel; lodging in cabins and budget sleeping rooms; RV park with hookups, laundromat, RV wash, showers/restrooms.
DC 651.2Big Creek Yukon government campground.
DC 695.2Rancheria Falls Recreation Site; 10-minute walk to falls.
DC 699.4Turnout at Continental Divide.
DC 709.8Historic Milepost 733,SWIFT RIVER. No services.
DC 719.6Swan Lake Rest Area.
DC 752Morley River Recreation Site; day-use area.
DC 775.5 Viewpoint overlooks Nisutlin Bay Bridge at Teslin.

Alaska Highway - The MILEPOST (7)

DC 776Nisutlin Bay Bridge, longest water span on the Alaska Highway.
DC 776.3Yukon Motel & Lakeshore RV Park; food, gas/diesel, lodging, camping, Yukon Wildlife Gallery, post office. Open year-round (RV Park is seasonal).
DC 776.5 Historical Mile 804 TESLIN(pop. 450); food, gas, lodging, camping. Attractions:George Johnston Museum and Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre (see next 2 mileposts).
DC 776.7 George Johnston Museum features more than a thousand artifacts reflecting the Tlingit heritage of the area; open June–Sept.
DC 779.1Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centrehighlights inland Tlingit history, open daily June-September.
DC 785.2Teslin Lake Yukon government campground.
DC 808.2Junctionwith Canol Road; rest area. This is the South Canol Road which leads 137 miles/220 km to junction with Campbell Highway near Ross River. The North Canol Road leads from Ross River to the NWT border. Not recommended for tourist travel.
DC 808.6Teslin River Bridge, third longest water span on the highway.
DC 808.9Historic Milepost 836,JOHNSON’S CROSSING.Johnson’s Crossing Lodge and RV Park; home-cooked food, baked goods, motel, RV park, WiFi, gas, diesel, gift shop; phone 867-390-2607.
DC 821Squanga Lake Yukon government campground.
DC 836.8 JAKE’S CORNER; gas/diesel.Junctionwith Tagish Road which leads 13.4 miles west toTAGISH (pop. 206) on the Tagish/Six Mile River. Also access to Atlin Road (1 mile south of Jake’s Corner), which leads south58 miles to scenicATLIN(pop. 350) on Atlin Lake in British Columbia; lodging at Brewery Bay Chalet.
DC 859.9Historical Mile 890. Marsh Lake Yukon government campground.
DC 867.3Historic Milepost 897. Yukon River Bridge and Marsh Lake Dam Rest Area.
DC 873.5Historical Mile 904.The Caribou RV Park, Yukon Motorcycle Park andWolf’s Den Restaurant; food, camping, hookups, laundromat.
DC 874.4Historical Mile 905.JunctionwithSouth Klondike Highwayto Skagway, AK.
DC 876.8Historical Mile 906. Wolf Creek Yukon Government campground.
DC 880Historical Mile 910.5.Fireweed RV Services; RV repairs, parts, accessories, phone 867-668-5082.
DC 880.8Historic Milepost 911.Pioneer R.V. Park; camping, hookups, store, gas, diesel, propane.
Alaska Highway - The MILEPOST (8)DC 881 GoNorth Yukon Car & RV Rental, RV Service & Repair and Storage.
DC 881.7Turnoff for scenic Miles Canyon (pictured at left) via Schwatka Lake Road.
DC 883 Gas, diesel.
DC 883.5City of Whitehorse rest area.
DC 883.7Historical Mile 913.4Junctionwith Robert Service Way (south access road leads east to Whitehorse city centre) and Hamilton Blvd. access east toHi Country R.V. Park; full hookups, cable TV, pull-throughs, laundromat, showers
DC 885.7Historical Mile 915. Attraction:Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre.
DC 885.8 Lodging and restaurant at signed entrance for Whitehorse Airport. Attraction:Yukon Transportation Museumand Douglas DC-3 weathervane, a Whitehorse landmark.

Alaska Highway - The MILEPOST (9)

DC 887.4Two Mile Hill exit toWHITEHORSE, capital of Yukon; all services and many attractions, both downtown and along the Alaska Highway.Visitor information.
DC 888.3Gas station, restaurant.
DC 888.7Copperbelt Mining and Railway Museum.
DC 890.8Gas, grocery store.
DC 891.1Gas, convenience store, lodging.
DC 891.4Motel, gas, convenience store.
DC 891.8 Historical Mile 922. Gas, diesel, motel, restaurant.
DC 894.5Junctionwith Klondike Highway 2, theKlondike Looproute toDawson Cityand on to Alaska via Top of the World Highway, returning to Alaska Highway east of Tok via the Taylor Highway. Four miles north of this junction, turn on Takhini Hot Springs Road for Takhini Hot Springs, Hot Springs Campground and Hostel and Yukon Wildlife Preserve.
DC 905.4 Historical Milepost 937. Viewpoint with litter bins.
DC 926 Takhini Burn rest area; litter bins, outhouses, viewing platform.
DC 927.3Historic Milepost 960. Turnoff to south for beautifulKusawa Lake, a winding dirt and gravel road. Access to Mendenhall Landing point of interest (Mile 1.4); Takhini River Yukon government campground (Mile 9); and Kusawa Lake Yukon government campground (Mile 14.7).
DC 964.7Historic Milepost 995.Otter Falls Cutoff; restaurant, gas, cabins, gift shop, store, camping.Junction with Aishihik Road to Otter Falls Viewpoint (17.4 miles) and Aishihik Lake campground (26.1 miles).
DC 937.2 Turnoff for First National Community of Champagne (pop. 25). Rest area at Mile 0.2. The Long Ago Peoples Place, a cultural heritage site, at Mile 5 on this side road.
DC 965.6Historic Canyon Creek Bridge (pictured below); rest area with toilets and interpretive signs.
Alaska Highway - The MILEPOST (10)
DC 980.8Yukon government Pine Lake Recreation Park; camping.
DC 982.2Haines Junction airport.
DC 984.7Fas Gas & RV Park, gas station (open year-round) with diesel, adjacentThe Little Green Applegrocery store, and a summer-only RV park. Across the street is theDa Ku Cultural Centre, home to First Nations Cultural Centre and Visitor Information Centre for Yukon and Kluane National Park; visitor information, restrooms, open daily May–Sept., 8am–8pm.
DC 985Junctionwith Haines Highway to Haines, AK, atHAINES JUNCTION(pop. 824), Historic Milepost 1016. Visitor information. AttractionsincludeOur Lady of the Way Catholic Mission (1954) pictured below; the Village Monument; and St. Christopher’s Anglican Church, which hosts the Art & Crafts Guild of Haines Junction (local art, handmade crafts for sale).
Services include food at Guys & Dolls Bistroand the deli at Little Green Apple grocery; accommodations and meals in town at Raven’s Rest Inn;Alaska Highway - The MILEPOST (11)lodging, dining and guided trips just north of town at Mount Logan Lodge; and grocery store at Fas Gas and Little Green Apple; gas and convenience store at Top Spot/North 60˚ Petro Express.Visitor information. AttractionsincludeOur Lady of the Way Catholic Mission (1954) pictured above; the Village Monument; and St. Christopher’s Anglican Church, which hosts the Art & Crafts Guild of Haines Junction (local art, handmade crafts for sale).
DC 985.3Campground and gas station.
DC 985.9Gas station and motel.
DC 991.2 Turnoff for Mount Logan Lodge; lodging, food, wilderness tours.
DC 999Spruce Beetle Trail Interpretive Site.
DC 1000.1Bear Creek Summit (elev. 3,294 feet), highest point on the Alaska Highway between Whitehorse and Fairbanks.
DC 1003.5Historic Milepost 1035; Jarvis River bridge; turnout to river to west, good picnic spot.
DC 1020Kluane Lake Viewpoint.
DC 1024Large gravel turnout on Kluane Lake. Kluane Lake is the largest lake in Yukon.
DC 1028.8Tachal Dhal (Sheep Mountain) Visitor Centre; interpretive programs, viewing telescopes. Primary winter and spring range and lambing area for Dall sheep.
DC 1029.7Soldier’s Summit, Historic Milepost 1061. Trailhead parking for short hike up to the summit (trail pictured below).

Alaska Highway - The MILEPOST (12)
DC 1029.8Viewpoint overlooking Kluane Lake’s Horseshoe Bay.
DC 1034.5Historical Mile 1067.Cottonwood RV Park and Campground.
DC 1039.3Historical Mile 1072. Congdon Creek Yukon government campground.
DC 1050.8Historic Milepost 1083,DESTRUCTION BAY(pop. 55); food, gas/diesel, and lodging.DC 1061Historic Milepost 1093BURWASH LANDING(pop. 84); gas/diesel at Kluane Energy, which also has a cafe and grocery store. Major attraction here isKluane Museum of Natural History. The World’s Largest Goldpan—seen below—is in the museum parking lot; good photo op. Kluane Alaska Highway - The MILEPOST (13)National Park glacier flights are available here fromRocking Star Adventures.
DC 1098.7 Donjek River Bridge.
DC 1117.1
Historical Mile 1152. Lake Creek Yukon government campground.
DC 1123.9Pickhandle Lake Rest Area.
DC 1133.5Discovery Yukon Lodgings and RV Park; cabins, rooms, big rig friendly RV sites.
DC 1153.4Historical Mile 1188. Snag Junction Yukon government campground.
DC 1166.5Historic Milepost 1202,BEAVER CREEK(pop. 112); Visitor Information Centre open daily in summer, phone 867-862-7321. Traveler services include restaurant, cabins, campground, showers and laundromat at Buckshot Betty’s(open year-round); fuel, gift shop, RV park and motel atBeaver Creek RV Park & Motel; gas and lodging at 1202 Motor Inn.
DC 1168.5Canadian Customs Beaver Creek station, open 24 hours a day year-round. All traffic entering Yukon must stop.
DC 1186.3Historic Milepost 1221. Canada–U.S. International Border; rest area and photo-op. Welcome to Alaska sign northbound.

Alaska Highway - The MILEPOST (14)

The MILEPOST® Log now adds physical mileposts (MP) to log in Alaska.

DC 1186.8MP 1221.8U.S. Customs and Border Protection station Port Alcan, open 24 hours a day year-round. All traffic entering Alaska must stop.

Alaska Highway - The MILEPOST (15)

DC 1194 MP 1229Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center is open mid-May to mid-September; restrooms, interpretive programs, viewing telescopes, wildlife exhibits.
DC 1199.5 MP 1234.5Seaton Roadhouse Interpretive Site and Trails (Tetlin NWR).
DC 1214.3 MP 1249.3Historic Milepost 1254. Deadman Lake (Tetlin NWR) Campground.
DC 1221.7 MP 1256.7Lakeview (Tetlin NWR) Campground.
DC 1229 MP 1264Northway Junction; campground, gas, store.NORTHWAY(pop. 136) is accessed via Northway Road; airport is 6.5 miles south of this junction and the Native Village of Northway is 2 miles beyond the airport. Northway is considered a gateway to Alaska for small aircraft following the Alaska Highway because they must clear customs here unless they have enough fuel to reach Fairbanks or Anchorage.
DC 1266.7 MP 1301.7Historic Milepost 1306 Tetlin Junction.Junctionwith theTaylor Highway, which leads to Chicken (66 miles), Eagle (160 miles), and to the Top of the World Highway toDawson City, YT(175 miles from this junction);seeKlondike Loop.
DC 1268 MP 1303Turnoff to south for short access road to Tanana River Bridge viewpoint and rest area.
DC 1268.6 MP 1303.6Crossing Tanana River Bridge. Rest area to north at west end of bridge.
DC 1278.1 MP 1313.1 Fast Eddy’s Frontier Cabins, phone 907-883-4411.
DC 1278.2 MP K1313.3Young’s Motel andFast Eddy’s Restaurant.
DC 1278.4 MP 1313.4Tok RV Villagecamping.
DC 1279.2 MP 1314.2Junctionof Alaska Highway and Tok Cutoff atTOK(pop. 1,435);All Alaska Gifts, Tok Memorial Park and Tok Mainstreet Visitors Center (pictured below).Visitor Informationis available at Tok Alaska Highway - The MILEPOST (16)Mainstreet Visitors Center and at the Alaska Public Lands Information Center. Tok is a major overland point of entry to Alaska, especially for summer travelers coming up the Alaska Highway. Food atFast Eddy’s Restaurant; lodging at Fast Eddy’s Frontier Cabinsand Young’s Motel (email),Burnt Paw Cabins Outbackand Cleft of the Rock Cabins. Camping at Tok RV Village(in town);Sourdough Campground(just west of Tok on the Tok Cutoff);Tundra RV Park and Bar (email)northwest of town, phone 907-883-7875. Shop for gifts and souvenirs in Tok atAll Alaska Gifts, Burnt Paw Gift Shop and Mukluk Land.
DC 1279.3 MP 1314.3Burnt Paw Gifts and Cabins Outback.
DC 1280 MP 1315Tundra Lodge and RV Park(email) with spacious forested campsites.
DC 1282 MP 1317Mukluk Land; museum, entertainment center, mini-golf.
DC 1296.9 MP 1331.9Moon Lake State Recreation Site; camping.
DC 1303.5 MP 1338.5 Cathedral Creeks B&B and Campground; campsites, and rooms/cabin with breakfast.
DC 1309.5 MP 1344.5Rest area with view of Alaska Range and Tanana River, interpretive panel.
DC 1312.5Robertson River Bridge.
DC 1326.3 MP 1361.3 DOT LAKE(pop. 13); post office.
DC 1326.5 MP 1361.5Historic Milepost 1358; turnout on shore of Dot Lake. Dot Lake Lakeside Community Chapel (built 1949).
DC 1357.7 MP 1392.7Gerstle River Black Veterans Memorial Bridge, 1 of 4 steel through truss-style bridge constructions on the Alaska Highway.
DC 1369.1 MP 1404.1 Gas/diesel.
DC 1378.4 MP 1413.4Delta Meat & Sausage Co.; free samples of buffalo and reindeer sausage.
DC 1379.8 MP 1414.8Turnoff for Clearwater State Recreation Site campground and Clearwater Lodge (restaurant, bar, RV park, cabins); follow Clearwater Road 5.2 miles north from here to Remington Road, then turn right and drive 2.7 miles east for the recreation site or 2.8 miles east for Clearwater Lodge.
DC 1385.9 MP 1420.9 Snowed Inn RV Park, phone 907-895-4270; full-hookups, tent sites, laundry.
Alaska Highway - The MILEPOST (17)DC 1387 MP 1422 Junctionof the Alaska and Richardson highways atDELTA JUNCTION(pop. 984), all services. Visitor information is at the junction of the Alaska and Richardson highways; outdoor pipeline displays, “life-size” mosquitos, and End of the Alaska Highway monument (pictured above) a favorite photo op. Delta Junction is the official end of the Alaska Highway; the Richardson Highway from Valdez continues 96 miles to Fairbanks. Gas, diesel and propane available. Clearwater Lodgehas a restaurant, bar, RV park and cabins; located 10 miles east of town via Nistler Road.Camping at Snowed Inn RV Park, a mile east of town on the Alaska Highway.Servicesin town includeThe Calico Cow Quilt Shop;Buffalo Center Drive-In ,an old-fashioned drive-in with “the best burgers, fries and shakes this side of the Yukon.”Stop byDelta Meat and Sausage Co., on the Alaska Highway 9 miles east of Delta Junction for samples of homemade reindeer, buffalo, elk, yak, beef and pork sausages. Area lodging and attractions includeThe Lodge at Black Rapids(39 miles south on the Richardson Highway)and Rika’s Roadhouseat Big Delta Historical Park (8 miles northwest of town on the Alaska/Richardson Highway).

The MILEPOST® Log continues to Fairbanks via the Richardson Highway (also designated Route 2 between Delta Junction and Fairbanks), with physical mileposts (V) indicating distance from Valdez.

DC 1388 V 267Delta State Recreation Site campground.
DC 1396 V 275 Turnoff forBig Delta State Historical Park;historic Rika’s Roadhouse (pictured below) with The Roadhouse Cafe and Gift Shoppe at Rika’s, cabin rental, museum, overnight RV parking spaces in parking lot; phone 623-696-5919; open daily, mid-May to Labor Day.Alaska Highway - The MILEPOST (18)
DC 1396.4 V 275.4Tanana River/Pipeline Crossing.
DC 1398.7 V 277.7Quartz Lake State Recreation Area; camping.
DC 1414.5 V 293.5Tenderfoot Pottery.
DC 1426.2 V 305.2Birch Lake State Recreation Site; camping.
DC 1442.5 V 321.5Harding Lake State Recreation Area; camping.
DC 1443.2 V 322.2 SALCHA(pop. 953): food, propane, lodging.
DC 1444.1 V 323.1Salcha River State Recreation Site; camping.
DC 1449.3 V 328.3Salcha store and gas.
DC 1453.3 V 332.3The Knotty Shop phone 907-488-3014 or email; gifts, wildlife display, ice cream, burl artwork. Open all year.
DC 1462.3 V 341.3 EIELSON AIR FORCE BASE(pop. 2,867).
DC 1467.6 V 346.6Chena Lakes Recreation Area; camping, fishing, swimming and access to Moose Creek Dam Bikeway.
DC 1468.4 V 347.4 Exit westbound only for Dawson-Buzby Roads (Santa Claus House and North Pole Visitor Information Cabin).
DC 1469 V 348 Exit eastbound only for Dawson-Buzby Roads (Santa Claus House and North Pole Visitor Information Cabin).
DC 1469.5 V 348.5 Exit westbound only north to Mission Road, then quick right onto Mistletoe Drive to North Pole Visitor Information Cabin. Also access this exit to KJNP Radio (drive straight ahead from exit then turn left on narrow road by big church).
Alaska Highway - The MILEPOST (19)
DC 1470 V 349NORTH POLE(pop. 2,138); all services.North Pole Visitor Information Cabin. Attractions:Santa Claus House,KJNPradio/TV sod-roofed complex. Lodging at Hotel North Pole. Meet reindeer up-close and personal at the Antler Academy.

Alaska Highway - The MILEPOST (20)

DC 1477.6 V 356.6Turnoff on Badger (loop) Road for camping at Fairbanks / Chena River KOA.

Alaska Highway - The MILEPOST (2024)
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