66 Things to Do on Route 66 in Williams Arizona (2024)

66 Things to Do on Route 66 in Williams Arizona (1)

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Only in Williams, Arizona will you find a stretch of Route 66 with shopping, dining, lodging, and cowboy action – fun for the whole family! We’ve put together this list of 66 things to do on Route 66 in Williams to make your time here unforgettable.

Get Your Kicks on Route 66

  1. Stop in at the Visitor Center for a map, visitor’s guide, and history of Williams
  2. Get the lay of the land by walking Route 66 and take in the history
  3. Stop in for a hot cup of coffee and tasty breakfast with the locals at many area restaurants- ask the volunteers at the Visitor Center for details
  4. Plan an afternoon hike and a picnic lunch by one of seven lakes in the area
  5. Take a walk on the wild side by visiting Bearizona Drive Thru Wildlife Park
  6. Ride in style to the Grand Canyon on the historic Grand Canyon Railway
  7. Get up close and personal with furry critters at the Grand Canyon Deer Farm
  8. Visiting when there’s snow? Head to the Elk Ridge Ski & Recreation Area or Oak Hill Snow Play Area
  9. Experience the wild west at the Wild West Junction
  10. Get an ice cream cone, shake or malt on Route 66
  11. Make plans to return in the winter for Mountain Village Holiday
  12. Enjoy the cool weather, surrounded by the largest Ponderosa Pine Forest
  13. Take the Downtown Historic Walking Tour
  14. Visit the Grand Canyon Railway for National Train Day
  15. Take in the Memorial Day Parade
  16. Enjoy some tasty barbeque at the Northern Arizona BBQ Festival
  17. Sit on Route 66 and celebrate America during the 4th of July parade and festivities
  18. Route 66 Classic Car Show- it’s a must see and do
  19. Marvel at the handmade leather goods in Williams- and purchase the perfect gift
  20. Search for Route 66 souvenirs
  21. Marvel at the cowboys at the Labor Day Rodeo
  22. Get to geocaching and find some hidden treasure
  23. Gather the kids and ride the Pumpkin Patch Train and decorate your very own pumpkin
  24. Find the perfect postcards to send home to your friends and family with the fun, entertainment, and charm of Williams captured on them
  25. Find the perfect lodging for you and the family at a Bed & Breakfast, hotel, motel, RV or campsite
  26. Enjoy a mile high piece of pie- made from scratch daily at Pine Country Restaurant
  27. Enjoy a slice of pizza or two on Route 66
  28. Pick out the perfect spot to watch the lighting of the tree for Mountain Village Holiday
  29. Pose for a picture under a Route 66 sign
  30. Watch the cowboy action of a street-show shootout on Route 66 (no cowboys will be injured)
  31. Get your kicks on Route 66
  32. Ride Arizona’s first Mountain Coaster at Canyon Coaster Adventure Park
  33. Take in a round of Golf at Elephant Rocks Golf Course
  34. Meet the Flintstones at the Flintstone’s Bedrock City in Valle, AZ
  35. Enjoy a historic moment at the Bill Williams Monument Park
  36. Engage your adventurous side by heading to Bill Williams Mountain and hiking to the top
  37. Choose your dinner spot: burgers, pasta, barbeque, steak, pizza, American, Thai, Italian, Mexican..so much to chose from.
  38. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and stroll Route 66 at night, lit with neon
  39. Tube downhill at the Canyon Coaster Adventure Park
  40. Enjoy the Interpretive Exhibit at the Williams Visitor Center
  41. Take a break and fish, bike, or hike in the Kaibab National Forest
  42. Take a VIP tour with a surprise around every corner at Bearizona
  43. Watch local artists at work and purchase your favorite piece
  44. Enjoy a local micro-brewed beer
  45. Enjoy a ride aboard the 4960 Steam Engine to Grand Canyon (specific dates- check for details)
  46. Pose for a picture in front of a railroad car at Glassburn Park
  47. Grab a latte and stroll Route 66 in the morning
  48. Visit the 100 year old Santa Fe Depot- home of the Visitor’s Center
  49. Take a sky hi ride on a zipline
  50. Fly into the H.A. Clark Memorial Field airport and enjoy lunch in town
  51. Enjoy an adult beverage at the bar with the longest operating liquor license in the state of Arizona – The world famous Sultana
  52. Ride Arizona’s only downhill coaster on Route 66!
  53. Lace up for the Mountain Man Run, Labor Day weekend
  54. Purchase your ticket for the Taste of Williams event- 21 and over only please
  55. Attend Cool Country Cruise-In, a favorite August event
  56. Pose for a picture with a classic car
  57. Capture the changing leaves and enjoy the crisp evenings as you stroll along Route 66 during Alpine Harvest Festival. Vote for your favorite scarecrow
  58. Put on your favorite flannel pajamas and ride the Polar Express
  59. Plan an anniversary or romantic getaway and escape to a local Bed & Breakfast
  60. Watch the talent at a barrel racing event
  61. Find the perfect gift handcrafted by a local artist
  62. Purchase beef jerky, an ice cream cone, or a rope of licorice on Route 66
  63. Visit a Bed & Bakery that not only has ghosts, but formerly housed an opium den and bordello
  64. Sip some Arizona wine on Route 66
  65. Enjoy the small town and historic charm Williams has to offer
  66. Plan your next visit to Williams, Arizona!

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66 Things to Do on Route 66 in Williams Arizona (2024)


What is the most scenic part of Route 66 in Arizona? ›

Petrified Forest National Park

This is one of the must-see stops on Arizona Route 66. The Petrified Forest National Park is named after the petrified (fossilized) wood that dots the area.

What is the most famous stop on Route 66? ›

Riding east of Catoosa, OK, you'll discover the Blue Whale of Catoosa, one of the most iconic Route 66 attractions. Stop by the small pond to check out one of the favorite photo locations along the route. Blue Whale of Catoosa was built in the 1970s and quickly rose in popularity among travelers.

What is the best section of Route 66? ›

Route 66 crosses eight states and three time zones. Some of the best-preserved sections include the stretch between Springfield, Missouri and Tulsa, Oklahoma; the road west of Seligman, Arizona; and the Oatman Highway through the Black Hills of Arizona.

How many days to drive Route 66? ›

You need around three weeks to complete Route 66. There is no perfect time to drive Route 66. Due to its sheer size, you're likely to experience some adverse weather conditions, whatever the month.

What ghost town is on Route 66 in Arizona? ›

Best Arizona ghost town along Route 66: Hackberry

Today, Hackberry is an iconic Route 66 stop for many travelers, but the town originated in 1874 as a silver mining destination. The initial mining helped to develop the town but the claims quickly played out and the area was reduced to a ghost town.

What is the best car to drive Route 66? ›

If you to travel the most famous routes, you will need a sedan or city SUV. If you want to use the oldest routes, definitely choose a SUV 4×4 with a high chassis. Don't forget about the passengers – if there are more of you, choose the car size that provides enough comfort to everyone.

What should I not miss on RT 66? ›

For a true taste of authentic Americana here are our highlights of the key places to visit on Route 66.
  • 1 Cadillac Ranch (Amarillo, Texas) ...
  • 2 The Painted Desert (Indian Wells, Arizona) ...
  • 3 The Milk Bottle Grocery (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) ...
  • 4 St Louis and the Gateway Arch (St Louis, Missouri)
Sep 13, 2022

What is one of the many popular landmarks along Route 66? ›

One of many kitschy roadside attractions along Route 66, the Blue Whale of Catoosa started as an anniversary present from retired zoologist Hugh S. Davis to his wife. It was meant to be a fun place for their grandchildren to play and swim and has since become one of the most well-known spots of the entire drive.

What movie took place on Route 66? ›

Easy Rider (1969)

Filmed along Route 66, primarily in Santa Monica, California, and Flagstaff, Arizona, this 1969 film follows two "biker-hippies" (Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper) as they head to New Orleans, crossing the west and southern United States.

What is the best month to do Route 66? ›

May and September are considered good months to travel Route 66 if you're not a fan of the intense heat that comes with the summer months - you get the benefits of fair weather and reduced tourism. June, July and August are the peak months in terms of both tourism and temperature.

How long should I spend for Route 66? ›

How long do I need for my Route 66 trip? You'll be hard-pushed to complete the 2,500 miles in under two weeks - unless you skip many of the key attractions. And even if you have a fortnight you'll need to cover more than 100 miles a day.

Is Route 66 still worth doing? ›

There are so many small and neat things along the route which makes it a truly unique experience. It's not gonna be a cheap experience and may consider doing another big trip instead of "just driving a road" but it time and means are here, definitely worth doing it.

What part of Route 66 is not drivable? ›

Although it is no longer possible to drive US 66 uninterrupted all the way from Chicago to Los Angeles, much of the original route and alternate alignments are still drivable with careful planning. Some stretches are quite well preserved, including one between Springfield, Missouri, and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

What percentage of Route 66 is still drivable? ›

Today, 85 percent of Route 66 remains drivable, and some businesses thrive among the casualties.

Where do you start and finish on Route 66? ›

Route 66 starts in Chicago, Illinois, and ends in Santa Monica, California. What States Does Route 66 Cross? Route 66 crosses eight states: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

What part of Arizona is the most scenic? ›

Sedona. Outdoor enthusiasts flock to this central Arizona town to enjoy its stunning scenery. Regularly described as one of the most beautiful places in America, Sedona dazzles with its famous red rocks and hiking trails (found in Red Rock State Park), as well as its vortexes.

Where is the best place to start Route 66? ›

Chicago is the starting point for most Route 66 tours.

What is the colorful natural attraction along Route 66? ›

No other location along Route 66 has impressed road trippers more than the colorful and majestic Grand Canyon National Park. The awe-inspiring canyon, which is 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide and 6,093 feet deep, embodies the American spirit of exploration and adventure like nothing else in the United States.

Where does Scenic Route 66 start and end? ›

From its starting point in Chicago to its ending point at the Santa Monica Pier, Route 66 is filled with stunning scenery, historic landmarks, and unique attractions that will make for an unforgettable road trip.

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