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Makers of quality custom-made dog coats, service dog vests, therapy dog vests, search and rescue dog vests and coats, blaze orange and camouflage dog vests and coats, waterproof and fleece dog coats.
Quality, comfort, and variety of colors in our Dogwear are the trademark of our company.
                  All products are custom made in the U S A !

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Rain Coats
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Service Dog Sets
IDdannas for Service Dogs
UK Support Dog Vests
Specialty Vests
Search & Rescue Coats and Vests
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and pictures of our satisfied customers!

Customer Comments

Patch in a Lonewolf Dogwear raincoat

  • Not all dogs fit into the standard five sizes found in the store - 90% don't!
  • A better fitting garment means it is more comfortable for your dog to wear and you will get more use out of it.
  • You are getting a top quality garment for the price of a store bought one.
  • Your garment is made in a color you want, in the best materials available, with excellent workmanship, giving you a great value for your money.
  • We give you a one-on-one relationship, giving you the chance to discuss the needs of your dog.
  • Our Dogwear helps make activities you and your dog enjoy together better and safer.
  • Our desire to give you an excellent product isn't hype, we are always working to improve our knowledge and give you the best products possible. Working together,we can make a product that will fit your dog and look great.

Gretl and Sparky in Vermont              Tor from The Netherlands

Custom Dog Coats are made of Ultrex with Polartec 300 lining. Waterproof, windproof, with velcro closures and reflective strip on front of coat.

Coats are custom fitted. Take measurements 1-5 using How to Measure Your Dog guidelines.

Available in XXSmall to XXLarge

Additional lining of THINSULATE available. Neon orange Ultrex is now available

Prices are charged by back length, see Coat Price Chart or call or email for price.

Important Notice:

We make expertly crafted, custom garments for your dog based on the measurements you provide.
Read and follow the measurement guidelines carefully! Garments are NOT returnable.
IF IN DOUBT about a measurement, call or e-mail us for assistance and we will help you get the correct measurements for your dog!

Delivery times vary through out the year. Orders are processed as soon as possible.
All orders receive special care and attention to detail. Please remember you are receiving custom-made dog apparel.
These are the best products possible, tailored to fit your individual dog.
It may take a few days longer to receive your order but it is well worth the wait.

Custom Made Polartec Fleece Coats for all breeds

Julia, a Whippet, is modeling a buckle belt Polartec® coat in fuchsia pink. Ask about the coordinating hood with buttonhole leash slot.


Ian, a Whippet, is modeling a belted periwinkle blue Polartec® coat.

Polartec® Fleece Coats are made of two layers of Polartec® 300, the very best quality fabric available on the market, manufactured by Malden Mills.

This heavy weight fleece, at 16-20 ounces per yard, offers unparalleled quality and durability, and is suitable for cold-weather activities. Reflective tape on front is great for evening walks.

Two styles available:

  • Buckle belt - adjustable webbing belt with quick-release buckle and chest shield
  • Velcro closures - without chest shield

Colors available: Black, grey, navy, ivory, fuchsia pink, periwinkle blue, slate blue, neon orange and hi-visibility yellow, bright red, deep purple, stone blue, hunter green.
Choose your outer and inner layer colors! More Polartec® colors to be added based on customer requests.

Cost is calculated by dog's back length. See How to Measure Your Dog

Polartec® Hood with elastic drawstring and buttonhole leash slot: $8.00 to $10.00 depending on size.

Back length Buckle belt style Velcro closure style
8" - 10" $26.00 $22.00
11" - 12" $30.00 $26.00
13" - 14" $34.00 $30.00
15" - 16" $36.00 $32.00
17" - 18" $40.00 $35.00
19" - 20" $42.00 $38.00
21" - 22" $46.00 $42.00
23" - 24" $50.00 $46.00
25" - 26" $53.00 $48.00
27" - 28" $55.00 $50.00
29" - 30" $58.00 $52.00
31" - 32" $60.00 $56.00
332" - 34" $62.00 $58.00
35" - 36" $65.00 $60.00
37" - 38" $68.00 $64.00
Italian Greyhound up to 15" $40.00 $36.00
Whippet 20" - 22" $46.00 $42.00
Whippet 23" - 26" $50.00 $46.00
Greyhound 25" - 26" $55.00 $50.00
Greyhound 27" - 28" $56.00 $52.00
Greyhound 29" - 30" $58.00 $54.00

(Plus shipping and handling on each item)

Custom Made Sighthound Coats

Jupiter, an Italian Greyhound, is wearing a Sighthound Coat with neck warmer/hood.

Charlie is wearing a camo rain coat.

Sighthound Coats are specially designed to fit the curves of the Whippet, Italian Greyhound, Greyhound, and other sighthound breeds. The Sighthound Coat features an Ultrex outer shell, fleecy Polartec 300 lining, an inner layer of Thinsulate for extra warmth, and velcro closures. A cozy chest piece gives added protection. 

The separate neck warmer/hood is adjustable and can be pulled up over the ears when icy winds blow. Same colors available as our regular coats.

Available in XXSmall to XXLarge

For pricing please refer to the Coat Price Chart




Rain Coats are made of Ultrex, a waterproof, windproof fabric, with a water- repellent poly/cotton black lining. Used Ultrex color chart samples for color choice for Rain Coats. Check coat price chart for all-breed rain coat pricing. Measurements 1 through 5 will be needed for custom fit. Please see How to Measure Your Dog

Available in XXSmall to XXLarge

For pricing please refer to the Coat Price Chart

Service Dog and Therapy Dog Vests

Vest Style #1

Made of ten mile cloth with adjustable collar and waist belt. Has black and glow in the dark lettering. Removeable collar. $65.00 plus shipping

Kasey in a Service Dog Vest

Vest Style #2

Benny is wearing the style of vest for very small dogs. Velcro closures at neck and waist. Made of ten mile cloth. Glow in the dark lettering at front of vest.

XXS-XS-$38.00 plus S & H

Measurements 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 on How to Measure Your Dog needed. for all vest styles.

Vest Style #3

This style of service dog vest is good for all size dogs. Service dog at work please don’t pet! With reflective strip for night visibility. Glow in the dark lettering on collar. If your dog wears a harness, bottonhole can be placed in vest for leash clip to clip to d-ring.

All sizes - $62.00 plus S & H

Measurements 1, 2, 3, 5 on How to Measure Your Dog chart.
Vest Style #4
Pepsi is pictured in a Therapy Dog Vest

Made with double thickness Hi-Visibility yellow, red, royal, neon orange. Adjustable collar and waist belt.

XS - $44.00, S - $46.00, S/M - $48.00, M - $54.00, L - $56.00, XL - $58.00, XXL - $62.00
plus shipping & handling

This style- service dog, support dog, guide dog, hearing dog, medical alert. Ask if you need something else.

Measurements 1, 2, 3, 5 on How to Measure Your Dog chart, plus dog’s name are needed when placing order.
Vest Style #5

This style of vest is good for all size dogs. Excellent for very small dogs. Has less embroidery but still very visible.

XXS - XS - $32.00, S-$34.00, S/M - $36.00, M - $38.00, L - $40.00, XL - $42.00, XXL - $45.00
plus S & H

Examples of embroidery:
Service dog, Therapy Dog, Hearing Dog, Medical Alert Dog
Support Dog, Assistance Dog, Search and Rescue Dog
Don't see the wording you need? Just ask.
Measurements 1, 2, 3, 5 on How to Measure Your Dog chart needed. See color chart for vest colors.
Vest Style #6

This style is good for all size dogs.

Service dog, Medical Alert dog, Support Dog, Hearing dog, Guide dog. Good Citizen dog are some examples of what could be embroidered on vests.

XS - $50.00, S - $52.00, S/M - $54.00, M - $60.00, L - $62.00, XL - $64.00, XXL - $68.00
plus shipping & handling

Measurements 1, 2, 3, 5 on How to Measure Your Dog chart needed for vest.

Vest Style #6 with Leash

This vest includes reflective strips, with service dog on strips and service dog ID tag with double clip at top on d-ring and a leash.

Measurements 1, 2, 3, 5 on How to Measure Your Dog needed for vest.

XS - $68.00, S - $70.00, S/M - $72.00, M - $78.00, L - $80.00, XL - $82.00, XXL - $86.00
plus S & H

Vest Style #7

This vest has Velcro closures and is designed for very small dogs. This style and is more comfortable for the smallest dogs.

Different variations of wording available. See vest color chart for fabric colors.

Measurements 1, 2, 3, 5 on How to Measure Your Dog needed for vest.

XXS - XS - $30.00

S - $32.00
S/M - $34.00,M-$36.00

plus S & H

Service Dog Sets

Complete Service Dog Set


Service Dog Collar and Leash Set

The Complete Service Dog Set

Comes with Vest with detachable collar and 3 1/2 ft leash. Leash is special length for use in stores or areas were dog needs to be close to owner. Gives person more control of the dog. Leash has clip that can be clipped to your belt for hands free shopping.

Colors- Neon orange, hi visibility yellow, red, royal. Matching colors for leashes.

All products have SERVICE DOG displayed to help eliminate the problem that so many people are having in stores and public places. Price for complete set is $88.00 plus shipping.

This style works best for a larger dog over 50 pounds. For a vest set for a smaller dog use vest style #6 with leash.
Custom fitted. Measurements 1, 2, 3, 5 on How to Measure Your Dog needed.

The Service Dog Collar and Leash Set

Both collar and leash have SERVICE DOG embroidery on them. Leash is 3 1/2 ft with d-ring at top with clip. Clip the leash to your belt for hands free shopping, or place extra ID on clip. Identifies your dog as service dog to help eliminate problem entering stores and public areas. Price for set is $30.00 plus shipping.

Neck circumference needed.

IDdannas - Identification for Guide, Service, Medical Alert and Therapy Dogs

Medical Alert Dog IDdanna


Service Dog IDdanna

Blind or Deaf IDdanna

Rounded Style Adjustable Collar IDdanna

Gracie is a blind dog doing therapy work.

IDdannas identify your service dog to the public. Embroidered with one of the following:

Guide Dog, Medical Alert Dog, Guide Dog In Training
Hearing Dog, Guide Dog at Work, Caution Blind or Deaf dog
Service Dog, Service Dog in Training
Therapy Dog, Therapy Dog in Training
Or any other wording of your choice.

The triangle style IDdanna has velcro closure. Colors available - hi visibility yellow, neon orange, red, hot pink, black, kelly green, dark green, deep purple, royal.
Price is $15.00 plus shipping. Add glow in the dark wording on reflective strip for $2.00 extra.

The Service Dog style IDdanna has a velcro closure. It also has the glow in the dark wording on reflective strip included with IDdanna.
Price is $17.00 plus shipping. Available in all the colors listed above.

Adjustable 3/4" webbing collar style IDdanna
Fabric colors are neon orange, hi visibility yellow, red, royal blue, dark green, hot pink, khaki.

Thread Colors: black, white, royal blue, red, yellow gold, navy, dark green. Neon colors - yellow, orange, lime, pink, many more colors. Personalize with dog's name. Rounded (as on Gracie) or triangle style available.

Price is $20.00, plus S & H.. Neck circumference needed for all IDdannas.

UK Support Dog Vest and Leash

This is Buddy in a Support Dog Vest Bonnie in her Support Dog Vest

UK Support Dog Vest

Our friends across the pond use the term Support Dog rather than Service Dog as we do in the U.S.A.

This vest is offered in Hi-visibility yellow with black or midnight blue belts and lettering. Measurements 1, 2, 3, 5 on How to Measure Your Dog needed for vest.

Support dog vest - XXS + XS- $50.00,S-$52.00,S/M-$54.00,M-$60.00,L-$62.00,XL-$64.00,XXL-$68.00
Leash with tag - $22.00

Shipping by Priority International or First Class International. Please contact us for total price including shipping to your location.

SPECIALTY VESTS - Custom made for your special interest or group

Navy Recruiter Velasco with Romeo


Specialty Vests

Vests for any interest, occupation, teams, organizations, special occasions, military, - you name it!

Include any custom embroidery you would like. We cannot reproduce logos but will be happy to add a patch supplied by you and sewn on by LoneWolf Dogwear.

See the official Navy patch and embroidery on Romeo's "GO NAVY" vest as an example of what we can do for you.

Prices are estimates, please Contact us for details and pricing on your specialty vest order.

Available in XXSmall to XXLarge

XXS+ XS-$34.00, S-$36.00,S/M-$38.00, M-$40.00, L-$42.00, XL-$45.00, XXL-$48.00. Small additional cost maybe added for extras on vest.

plus S & H

Maybelline is shown in a blind dog vest stating "Please Don't Pet"

Vest for Blind or Deaf Dogs

This vest alerts the public that the dog is blind or deaf. Also available with
Caution Blind Dog or I'm Blind or Deaf or both.

Available in XXSmall to XXLarge

XXS-XS-$34.00, S -$36.00,S/M-$38.00, M-$40.00, L-$42.00, XL-$45.00, XXL-$48.00 plus S & H

Measurements 1, 2, 3, 5 for Harness Vest needed.

Available in many colors. See color chart for vest colors.

Search & Rescue Coats and Vests

Angus - California Task Force 3
wearing a Search & Rescue Coat

Search & Rescue Vest

Search & Rescue Coat

The Search and Rescue style of coat has velcro closures and no chest shield. It's made that way to use as a mat for the dog when the coat is not being worn. Made with ultrex, thinsulate #150 and Polartec 300. It has extra reflective strips on hips. Patches provided by your organization will be sewn on to the coat.

The price of the coat is figured by the size of the dog and the shipping cost. Combined shipping provided for multiple coat orders, and the cost per coat can be averaged over the entire order. The lowest possible shipping and handling cost will be calculated.

Contact Lonewolf Dogwear to begin your order. Needed: your method of payment, if you will use a purchase order or if you will be placing a bid for the order, and desired delivery date. After I have been provided with this information, the dog's measurements, and any specialized work or customization, I will give an estimate for the order.

Polartec hoods are available for an additional charge.
This is a customized garment so please call or email for help with your order.

#5 Search & Rescue Vest

Available in XXSmall to XXLarge

XXS-XS-$30.00, S-$34.00, S/M-$36.00, M-$38.00, L-$42.00, XL-$46.00, XXL-$50.00
plus S & H. Made of ten mile cloth with adjustable straps. Reflective strip with glow in the dark lettering.

Measurements 1, 2, 3, 5 on How to Measure Your Dog needed.

Blaze Orange Vests

Original Blaze Orange Vest without front leg shields

Kutter Blaze Orange Vest with front leg shields

Blaze Orange Vests
Made of Packcloth with belt closure and quick release buckle and reflective strips. Front leg shields as shown are optional.

Original Style
Original Blaze Orange Vest

Measurements 1 through 5 on How to Measure Your Dog needed for custom fit.

Sizes up to XL $48.00
Sizes up to XL with Polartec lining-$50.00, XXL with Polartec lining-$55.00
Plus shipping and handling

Kutter Style

Kutter Blaze Orange Vest

Measurements 1 through 5 on How to Measure Your Dog needed for custom fit.

The Kutter style of blaze orange vest has a wrap around chest shield and a velcro closure on top of back. This vest has an adjustable webbing belt with quick release buckle for added security. It gives more side protection and works well for a dog with a slender body.

Sizes up to XL-$48.00, XXL-$52.00
Lined with Polartec 300: Sizes to XL-$50.00, XXL-$55.00

Plus shipping and handling

Hi-Visibility Safety Vests

#1 Safety Vest

Jack in a #2 Safety Vest                                   Bree in #2 Safety Vest made with Packcloth

Thor is pictured in #3 Hi-visibility Safety Vest. See Thor on More Product Photos page.

#1 Hi-visibility Safety Vest
Make your dog safer walking at night with this hi-visibility safety vest. Made of double thickness fabric with reflective tape and ten mile cloth or packcloth, orange or hi-visibility yellow. Adjustable belts.
Measurements 1, 2, 3, 5 on How to Measure Your Dog for Coats and Vests needed.

Available in XXSmall to XXLarge

Prices: XXS-XS $25.00, S-$26.00,S/M $28.00, M-$32.00 L-$34.00, XL-$36.00 XXL-$38.00, XXXL-$40.00
plus S & H


#2 Hi-visibility Safety Vest
Safety vest made with Velcro closures at neck and waist. Good for active dogs. Cut back for free movement. Made of ten mile cloth or Packcloth with reflective tape. Available in neon orange and hi-visibility yellow.
Measurements 1, 2, 3, 5 on How to Measure Your Dog for Coats and Vests needed.

Available in XXSmall to XXLarge

Prices: XXS - XS-S $25.00, S-$26.00, S/M-$28.00, M-$32.00 L- $34.00, XL - $36.00, XXL $38.00, XXXL-$40.00
plus S & H


#3 Hi-visibility Safety Vest
The #3 Safety Vest is a combination of safety vests 1 and 2 and has an adjustable nylon collar. The chest closure has velcro and an adjustable webbing belt for added security. Made of 1000 denier Cordura and softer fabric lining. This style of vest works well in rugged areas where more abrasion resistance and a secure fit is needed.
Measurements 1, 2, 3, 5 on How to Measure Your Dog for Coats and Vests needed.

Available in Small/Medium to XXLarge

Prices: S/M-$38.00, M-$44.00, L-$46.00, XL-$48.00, XXL-$50.00, XXL-$52.00
Plus S&H

Neon Orange Vests

Neon Orange Vest - left: Niner, right: Lagan

The neon orange vest has less coverage than the full vest but is still very visible. Good for hotter climates and very active dogs. Vest comes with four reflective strips, adjustable nylon collar and waist belt. The same neon orange collar is sold separately below. Made of nylon oxford or ten mile cloth with quick release buckle closures.

Available in XXSmall to XXLarge

Sizes: XXS - XS - $36.00, S-$38.00, S/M - $40.00, M-$42.00, L - $45.00, XL- $48.00, XXL - $50.00, XXXL-$55.00
plus S& H

S-XXL with embroidered name free. Additional embroidery - $20.00

Measurements 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 on How to Measure Your Dog needed.

Neon Orange Jackets

Neon Orange Jackets - Left: Zeus in ten mile cloth jacket, Right: Brit in neon orange ultrex coat
Jacket is made of double thickness ten mile cloth. Used for walking in the woods to make your dog very visible and add some warmth.

Prices are calculated by raincoats charges plus S & H.

For pricing please refer to the Coat Price Chart

Chest Shields

Jack in his chest shield
Chest Shield - made of Packcloth with rubber chest protection piece. High-visibility blaze orange color. Velcro closure 4" by 6" piece.

Measurements 1, 2, 3,4,5 on How to Measure Your Dog needed. Custom-fitted.
$35.00 plus S & H.

Harness Vests - Your choice of wording

Harness Style Vests



This style of vest is built on a nylon webbing harness that adjusts at the neck, under the chest, and around the body. D-ring is located at front center of neck strap. A reflective strip with glow in the dark lettering is included.

For available colors please see the fabric color chart and scroll down to vest fabric samples. The harness vest will be embroidered with your choice of wording placed as shown in the samples, and dog's name, if wanted.

Available in XSmall to XXLarge

XS-$40.00, S- $42.00, S/M-$45.00, M-$48.00, L-$50.00, XL-$53.00, XXL-$55.00 plus S & H

Use How to Measure Your Dog for HARNESS VEST

Service Dog or Therapy Dog ID Tags

Service Dog Tags
Can read Please ask to pet or Please don’t pet for service dogs.

Therapy dogs - I’m friendly please pet me

Guide dog, Support Dog, hearing dog, search dog, medical alert dog also available.

Trim colors - neon orange, black, red, royal, hot pink, medium pink, navy, medium yellow.

Price - $6.50, plus S & H.
service dog leash with bag

Collar and Leash Set with Tags
Collar and leash have reflective strips with service dog or therapy dog,support dog, search dog. Price - $30.00, plus S & H.

ID tag at top of leash,plus double clip for hands free working on d-ring, 3 ˝ foot length leash. Colors - Neon orange ,black, red, royal, navy 5/8”, 3/4”, 1” width webbing.

Leash and ID tag alone - $22.00, same choice of colors. If you need a longer leash length let me know at time of ordering and I will give you a price.

Collar and Leash Set with ID tag and Bag-
$38.00 plus shipping.
Bag made of Packcloth with velcro closure.Use for dog's ID or treats.Clips to top of leash.

Camouflage Jackets

Zeke is shown here in his Camouflage Jacket

Gunner is pictured in his green camo coat

The Camouflage Jacket comes in three styles and is made of waterproof nylon material.

Sizes S-XL. Colors - Nylon-Tan/brown, Ultrex-tan/green/brown, green. Ultrex-brown/black.tan, Camouflage.

S-XL- use rain pricing on chart Plain nylon camouflage with cotton lining
S-XL-use dog coat pricing With Polartec Fleece lining
S-XL-use dog coat pricing With both Polartec Fleece and Thinsulate linings

Handler Belts and Leashes With Bags

Handler Belt with Treat Bag


Double Handle Walking Leash with Bag

Handler Belt with Treat Bag

This belt makes training your dog easier, keeping your hands free while working with your dog.

The belt has a treat bag which is rubber lined, a comb holder, and a D-ring with leash clip. Also available with water bottle holder. Very convenient for working with your dog. Black nylon with quick release buckle, adjustable.

Color: Black
People sizes M - 28-34" or L - 35-40", XL-42-46
Price: $35.00, with water bottle holder $40.00, plus S & H.

Double Handle Walking Leash with Bag

Leash is 5 1/2 feet long, with second handle at 2 feet. For times when you need more control of your dog. Leash has two reflective strips, d-ring at top of leash to clip bag too. Plus double clip to clip to belt loop or adjustable nylon webbing belt with d-ring. For hands free walking.

Bag is made of packcloth with velcro closure, 7 1/2" X 8". Holds plastic bags to pick up dog waste. Place waste in bag so it's out of sight. Bag clips to top of leash. Eliminates having to carry waste bag.

Leash and bag-$25.00
Belt-$9.00, M-28-34, L-35-40, XL-42-46
Adjustable Dog Collar-$8.00
Complete set-$40.00-leash, bag, belt, collar

Colors-3/4"+ 1"- red, black, royal, green, neon orange.
Packcloth colors-red, black, royal, green, neon orange, purple
Bags can be made a different color from leash if you want it. Examples-red/black, black/purple, black/neon orange, neon orange/black.

Grooming Apron


Grooming Apron

Grooming Apron is made of 430 denier Packcloth, 7 oz weight .Polyurethane coated waterproof fabric. It is lined with a black poly/cotton fabric with water replellent finish.

Adjustable neck band and waist belt with quick release buckle. Belt will ride at top of hip area.

Sizes: M - 29-39", L - 39-49"

Colors: Purple, red, royal, burgundy.
Embroidered paw prints will be tan, black, or white depending on color of fabric. You choose color of paw prints and fabric - $35.00 plus S & H

1201 N. Spring St.
New Ulm, Minnesota 56073-1131
Phone: 507-359-9519, Fax: 507-359-5574

ORDER TOLL FREE: 1-800-496-5375

Ready to order?
Please use our printable HOW TO PLACE AN ORDER guide.
Pay Pal Payments - You will need to contact me by e-mail. With order and zip code for shipping charges and I will send you an invoice.

Payment by credit card also available over the phone - Visa or Mastercard or Discover 1-800-496-5375

Canadian and International Customers: Credit card, Pay with PayPal or by money order.

When calling or e-mailing please have dog’s measurements for item you are ordering.
Shipping Charges
Due to new Priority Mail rate changes it's necessary to
call or e-mail for charges to your zip code.
Shipping is now calculated by weight and zone.

Global Priority: please see the order form for more information.


How To Measure Your Dog - PLEASE READ
We make expertly crafted, custom garments for your dog based on the measurements you provide. A combined effort is needed for you to receive a well fitted garment. Read and follow the measurement guidelines carefully! After you have given me the measurements. I can usually tell if a measurement is off and needs to be remeasured. Garments are NOT returnable.That's why ever effort is made to get the correct measurements. IF IN DOUBT about a measurement, call or e-mail us for assistance.

Use a CLOTH TAPE MEASURE. Lay the tape measure along the dog's body to get accurate measurements.When measuring around the neck or chest the tape should be gently layed around body. Not pulled tight or too loose. Ease for garment is put in by me. When measuring from the base of the neck to the base of the tail allow the tape measure to lay along the natural curves of the dog's body. Like you were drawing a line down the dog's spine.

How to Measure for COATS and VESTS 

  1. Neck Circumference: Measure around the neck at base of neck below collar.
  2. Topline Length: Measure from base of neck to base of tail, laying tape measure along back.
  3. Chest Circumference: Measure around largest part of chest.
  4. Base of Neck to edge of ribcage: Measure from base of neck, between front legs, to bottom of line 5.
  5. Midsection Circumference: Measure around the body at line 5, in front of the "equipment" on a male dog. This measurement is needed for the sighthound coat, chest shield, and camouflage jacket.
  6. Please note: we are not making boots at this time. Foot Circumference: Measure around widest part of paw. Bring tape measure over the top of paw going around the bottom of paw to make full circle.
  7. With front foot extended out in front of the dog, measure from tip of toes to stop pad. This measurement is needed for Hunters, Show Shoes and sighthound boots. Measure hind leg with the dog standing naturally. Place the tape measure on the floor under the dog's foot. Measure from tip of toes to approximately two inches above hock joint.
  8. For Neckwarmer/hoods: Measure around top of head and under jaw.
  9. Top of Neck Circumference: Measure around highest point of neck, directly behind the head.
  10. Neck Length: Measure from top of neck to base of collar.

Include these COAT or VEST measurements with your order.

How to Measure for HARNESS VESTS ONLY

  1. Measure low neck circumference as shown in diagram above.
  2. Measure length from base of neck at top of line 1 to top of line 3. This will be approximately 1/3 of the total back length of the dog.
  3. Measure chest circumference as shown at line 3.
  4. Measure back length from top of line 1 to base of tail (combined length of 2 and 4).
  5. Measure down front of chest, from bottom of line 1, between the front legs, to bottom of line 3.

Include these HARNESS VEST measurements with your order.

Privacy Policy

All customer information is kept in a secure location and never given or sold to a third party. Credit card numbers are used only for your order transaction on a secure line and are not stored on our server. Lonewolf Dogwear holds a Certificate of Credit Card Compliance for Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Email addresses are used only to contact you about your order and not shared with third parties. PayPal transactions are done through the secure PayPal site.

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Original watercolor pet portraits by Victoria W. Johnson
Arthritis In Dogs
Features free articles, links, and all-natural products that help keep your pet healthy! Treatments for pet allergies, seizures, constipation, diarrhea, cataracts and many other pet health issues. Great holistic and homeopathic treatment information.

Medical Id Bracelets., Medical Id Tags, Medical Id Jewelry.
Medical id bracelets, dog tags and jewelry from stainless steel and sterling silver. Free engraving and shipment.

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